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ZERA Grow Laser Hair Growth Device – Does it really help you grow back hair?


ZERA isn’t new to us. We have reviewed their electric shaver before and an ultrasonic toothbrush more recently. So when they have a new product ready to go, we received a sample to review in advance of its launch on Indiegogo.


The ZERA Grow is a laser device that stimulates hair growth due to male-pattern baldness. Like many products on crowdfunding these days, it isn’t a brand new idea, but rather a major improvement over existing ones. The Grow advertises that it can achieve the performance of a full helmet style device with just the size of a headphones.

The laser is an FDA-approved technology, one of the very few techs that have actually been proven to help hair growth. It is believed that low-energy lasers at around 650nm wavelength could help to re-active some hair follicles. The process however takes at least 3 months to notice a difference, so we just take FDA’s words for it and assume it works.

A vacuum-formed plastic packing holds the device securely inside the box. A charging USB cable and user’s manual are found inside. Afterall, the idea of stimulating hair growth by laser is straight-forward. You just put it on and switch on the laser, allowing the energy to stimulate the inactive hair follicles to restart hair growth.

The device itself resembles a large headphone. Reminds me of the Monster Beats headphones that were everywhere during the early 2010s. The earcups are integrated with the unibody head strap, with a small flexible opening to allow better fitting. Like headphones, the earcups have a foam padding for comfort. Additionally, an adjustable brace is there to mount on your neck. It can be freely rotated for better fitting.

The key of ZERA Grow is its laser diodes. Set at a specific frequency to revitalize your hair follicles, they will switch on just right above your scalp. Unlike most hair growth “remedies”, this tech has actually been extensively tested. In fact, this is the only tech cleared by the FDA for hair growth without taking in drugs or undergoing a surgery. As its effect isn’t expected to be noticeable until after 3-4 months of regular use, we are unable to test it out, so have to just believe the FDA’s report. We will focus the report on comfort and ease of use.​

ZERA Grow switches on immediately after holding down the power button. As even low energy laser can cause harm to human eyes (and even digital cameras!), its safety sensor immediately shuts the diodes down when it isn’t being worn. When it detects proper position, the lights go on in a programmed sequence and shut down after about 10 minutes. The light should be placed right above the area where hair loss has occurred. The energy stimulates the follicles directly and it is not necessary in unaffected places.​

Although blindingly powerful, the red laser diodes do not actually use a lot of power. According to ZERA, one full charge can last for several weeks with regular daily use. Frequent use is recommended for fastest improvement. It is overall very easy to use, easy for setup and use regularly. It weighs roughly equal to a pair of headphones of the same size, but without the cable getting in the way.


In conclusion, we think ZERA Grow is a good alternative to hair transplant or medicine use for people with male pattern hair loss. Its effect is recognized by the FDA, and it has the least side effects by far. The early bird pricing is significantly below market price, so it can be a good start. Considering it only needs to run 10 minutes a day to have full effect, it can be shared in the same household too. So this is recommended.​

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