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Are you overwhelmed and fed up with all your cables and dongles. With the latest MacBook designs, all your favorite ports are probably gone, hence why you have all these bulky external hard drives. It’s time for an upgrade. TurboHub is the fastest SSD and 6 in 1 adapter that you will find in the market right now.

blocc package

At first glance of TurboHub, the sleek space grey finish expresses minimalist, compact, and power. With the option where you can take the top off to connect to any mobile devices, tablets, and laptops that have a single USB-C connector. 

TurboHub is very responsive. Once you plug it in, your device will automatically detect TurboHub and is now ready to go at your convenience. Your options with TurboHub are endless, starting with the 4K HDMI Port, Thunderbolt Port, 2 USB-C Ports, 1GB Ethernet Port, and SD Card Port.

Are you are a person that continuously exceed your storage space?  Because TurboHub can store up to 4TB and 7x times faster than any other external SSD. Transferring heavy data can now only take seconds, whereas the traditional one might take you hours. 

1TB version of TurboHub

We try to transfer 10GB file to TurboHub

It takes about 5 seconds only!!!



Skybox speed test
Skybox speed test

Around 900MB/s Read & Write Speed on MacBook Pro

Skybox speed test

Whether you need it for personal or professional use, TurboHub will be a game-changer for you. Now it’s your chance to get yourself one at Indiegogo for a Xmas special.

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