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Tentsla – The new standard for “Tesla Camping”? Turning your Tesla SUV into an RV with this simple kit!


The days are getting warmer, Summer is in sight. Here at KST, we are planning out for a Summertime outing and the offer to review Tentsla X1 Tent came just on time! Tentsla as its name implies, is a play on “Tesla” and “Tent”. Designed to fit directly to a Tesla Model Y SUV, the X1 can form a large tent at its tailgate in just minutes (5 according to the creator), providing cover for up to 4 people as well as the car itself. As the package is oversized for usual delivery, we have decided to visit Tensla’s facility instead, where they have it ready for demonstration.

The Tentsla X1 can be fully packed into its own packing bag, which in turn fits into the hood storage compartment (Frunk) of the Model Y snugly. The whole design is tailored to fit the SUV. By using its newly added “Camp Mode”, the tent can make use of the air circulation and conditioning of the vehicle to ensure perfect temperature and ventilation, which really changes the camping experience into something new.​​

angel card
angel card

The Tentsla staff completed the setup in just about 5 minutes. This includes unpacking, sorting out, installing all the supports and canopy of the tent, and then pump to fill it up. This is very fast even for a car-camping tent. Practice does make perfect, so allow more time on your first few uses. To be honest, setting up is part of the camping experience and there is really no reason to rush it. While the tent is mounted to the SUV directly, you are also given the option to mount extra pegs/nails and secure the tent with the wires included. The pegs are in a standard design, and you can of course substitute them with the favorite ones you already own.​​

Once fully installed, we went in and tried it out. The canopy is made out of rather hefty nylon/cordura, insulation is the best I have tried out so far. This apparently also helps with insulating the temperature, as it doesn’t heat up under sunlight like many tents. There are insect nests on every opening/window, so you can choose to open the windows to let air in, yet keep the bugs out.​

We spent some time in it chilling out until the sun started to set. We then packed it back into the bag. Unpacking took slightly longer and we started by removing the pegs and then deflating the name structure. This is my first time doing car camping, which feels somewhat between camping in a tent and in an RV. As weight is less of an issue, the full Tentsla package contains an electric pump, a manual backup pump, a pair of heavy duty work gloves, blankets and blow-up mattress for the full setup, saving you from buying them elsewhere. Overall, Tentsla is a very good starter kit if you plan to car camp with a Tesla SUV. Definitely recommended.​

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