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Getting your temperature checked is inevitable during this global pandemic. You are bound to see a thermometer everywhere you travel to. TEMPMi is the ideal thermometer that is portable and tiny, which makes it easier to carry it around rather than carrying a bulky conventional one.

TEMPMi is the world’s smallest tritium keychain thermometer that you can practically measure anything you can think of. Weighing at 8 grams, it is literally the size of a AA battery which is incredibly convenient. TEMPMi has a built-in app which supports both Android and IOS, it is extremely easy to navigate and it can monitor your temperature data anytime and anywhere, it can also keep track of your recent records.

angel package

TEMPMi offers a contactless measurement, it can scan your body temperature with a no contact gesture, making it very hygienic to use. Another feature that really stands out from the rest of the thermometers in the market right now is their glow in the dark design, which is very thoughtful of them for thinking that it can be hard to find TEMPMi in your bag sometimes, which is why this will definitely come in handy.

TEMPMi sent us this minimalist packaging just like the device itself. We believe the final packing will be different though, as this one lacks a user manual. The device is small, yet rather handy. TEMPMi comes with a handy keychain ring attached to it which you use for the Titanium keychain add-on item.

purME review

The paint on this is very smooth to the hand, the cap is easy to open but yet secure enough not to fall out. TEMPMi is just as tiny as they mentioned it. It can literally fit in my pocket without any discomfort at all. Since I’m an Apple user I’ve tried it on my iPhone and let me tell you how easy it is for me to use. All you have to do is to download the app from the app store and plug in TEMPMi and you can basically measure anything you want. It also shows your previous data as a record. Surprisingly it actually glows in the dark for me as I placed it in my backpack at night.

We have heard from the creator that Angel has been certified by both FCC of the United States and CE of the EEA for safety, as well as by RoHS for its manufacturing process. The company places a 2 years warranty on the device, which is as long as a power bank can get. The estimated life of the battery is 5 years and the usual over-discharging, short circuit protection & over-charging protections have been built in.

TEMPMi is definitely a game changer in terms of the thermometer. It is very light and portable, very easy to use, it tracks your data, glows in the dark, measures almost anything, and it supports both Android and IOS. With its minimalistic design and functions, I don’t think other thermometers can beat TEMPMi at the moment. If you are looking for a thermometer that you can bring with you everywhere, TEMPMi is the one for you.

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