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SUPERHEXA Vision – The Dual-Cam AR Glasses of the Future


Smart glasses is one of those futuristic high tech gadgets that you hear all the time but has not yet caught on. Like household robots or hydrogen cars, it sounds like a great idea – it enhances your vision, records what you see and displays vital information all at once. However, most are not practical or affordable enough for commoners just yet. It seems like the enthusiasm has peak and ended with the original Google Glass. Or has it?


We have received several invitations for review lately. As we have limited time slot, the smart glasses by SUPERHEXA was picked as we have never done something like it before. As opposed to the more famous Google Glass, SUPERHEXA is designed for more active and outdoors use – to enhance your visibility, video recording and display vital information in AR while you are on the move.

The review sample arrived one week later in a pretty big box. Inside it is a glossy black box, with the lid held on by magnets so it is really to open and close. The main frame is placed on the top. Lifting it and you will find the protective case, user manual and sub-frame containing the lenses. The packing is simple yet easy to open and close, thanks to the magnetic lid design.​

I believe the packing was done deliberately to separate the lenses frame from the main frame so there is less chance to get damaged during shipping, very thoughtful. Unlike regular sport sunglasses, SUPERHEXA isn’t foldable so the carrying case is circular. The half-framed sub-frame comes with a pair of darkened lenses installed. The lens is standard, so you can prescript your own from any store in clear or darkened finishing. The mainframe is made of high-strength plastic, feels sturdy but still a little flexible. Combined with a rubberized finish it makes a good fit.​

I have snapped the sub-frame onto the main frame and switched it on. Before linking it up with a mobile device, I can already see the instructions on the display. Sourced from Sony, this mini OLED display boasts 1800NITS maximum brightness and it really shows here. The display is very bright and clear even under direct light. This visibility of the HUD style screen is far superior to that of a phone or smartwatch under direct sunlight. I’ll try out its zoom feature next.​

The camera’s 15x hybrid zoom (5x for motion videos) can be used immediately out of the box, which combines optical and digital zooms. It is controlled by stroking the right frame, dragging back and forth to zoom. I am pleasantly thrilled! The zoom is extremely sharp and gets focused in no time. I would say it focuses faster than most phone cameras even at 5x zoom. This can be really handy during a hike or cycling! We have many poisonous snakes roaming around here during the warmer months, so the zoom can be a lifesaver to spot them from a distance. Truly impressive. You can take either video or photo at any moment while using this glasses. Simply touch the side frame for 1 second to capture.​

SUPERHEXA supports instant AR-enhanced translation as well as identifying the type of plants by connecting with a number of apps. Although we cannot try those out at the moment, they should work as well as on the phone for the cameras and apps work the same. We have noticed that SUPERHEXA does heats up a little while recording, but it is hardly noticeable when worn. The battery lasts for about an hour on very high usage, it should last 3-5 hours normally. Charger uses a special magnetic port and connects to USB-C chargers. Recharging is very fast, my power bank could restore battery level to 78% during lunch break.​

After conducting a 2-days trial on SUPERHEXA, I am happy to say that it has 100% lived up to its hype and did what it has promised on the campaign. While this pair of glasses is not going to elevate your daily life to another level like some other glasses have claimed, it does all the wonderful stuff advertised. It will be a great gift to anyone who do hiking, cycling or just love to take a walk in the park. It will be a conversation starter and takes little preparation to try out. Definitely recommended!

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