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Unboxing & Review

Recently, we have been invited by purME to make a review about its mask. They are running a successful crowdfunding campaign with over $300,000 USD funded so far on Indiegogo!

We are thrilled to receive a sample for our first mask review. purME is a mask designed for daily use for protection against air pollution. With KN95 level base protection and up to P100 level maximum protection, it can filter out most PM2.5, allergens and also bacteria & virus. Upgrading to P100 will take care of all threats below NBC/CBRN levels, which we hopefully would never need. It is also possible to fit KN95 filters on both sides, so air both in and out will be filtered as required by some governments for COVID 19 guidelines.

purME review

Here is the content from the box laid out – purME has told us that there will be upgraded packages with extras, so this is just the most basic package. A little assembly is required to set it up according to its owner’s manual.

purME review

We have set up purME in its standard setup, which has KN95 filter on one side and exhale valve on the other. This setup took us about 2 minutes and is recommended for most situations. It requires the least parts, is lightest at 67g and also quite comfortable. You can feel the air valves opening and closing if you breathe heavily. It is said that this design will keep the mask cool and dry to wear, as well as to extend filter life.

purME review

The mask fits very snug at first for purME has told us to tighten up the straps. It soon stretched out a bit and feel more comfortable. The soft silicone rubber “mask” makes fitting so much better. From my personal experience, it fits far more secure than the fabric N95 masks that I have worn earlier. By removing both air valves, I am able to fit one more piece of filter to the opposite side making it a 2-way filtering mask. This might be mandatory by some authorities in public area and transportation.

purME review

We have switched to the final P100 filter setup. This 3M 7093 cartridge, provided by purME for us for review, provides the maximum protection to particles. Each costs about US$5 and can easily last 1 month of daily use, which is quite economical if you plan to wear mask a lot. Surprisingly, it is even more breathable than previous setups. The weight is reasonably light and doesn’t affect the airtightness.

purME review

The whole mask except the filter can be washed in warm water. This helps to keep the mask fresh, plus to remove any bacteria and virus left on the surface. Sterilizers like chlorine bleach and rubbing alcohol can be used on the silicone without damage.

Overall, purME is a mask/respirator that fits many purposes. By using different settings, it can replace your air pollution masks, your surgical mask, your dust-protection mask and more just by switching parts. Even if you do not need it right now, it is good to have around just in case. purME has told us 3M P100 filter will also be available for sale after the campaign ends. Backers can choose the add-on by the time and receive their purME shipment together.

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