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Unboxing & Review

Following up with my previous review on purMe, We’ve been using it everyday for the past few months and we have noticed a few things that can be improved on. With the massive success of the The original purME mask, We believe they definitely took most of the feedback from backers, and created the second version purME Air, and made it even better.

Featuring twin innovative turbines, the mask constantly supplies you with filtered air. Go running, cycling, work out in a gym or just walk in the street wearing your fresh air! What’s more, you can always adjust the airflow to your needs with the 3 power levels: You decide how much pure air is enough for you.

purME review

As you can see, the package comes in a standard box similar to the purMe one. Upon opening the box, there is the mask itself, a friendly user manual underneath it, and a new and improved overhead strap for the mask.

purME review

After setting it up with the filters and strap, which comes with a KN95 filter for both sides. This setup took us about 2 minutes and is recommended for daily use. It is extremely light just weighing at around 67g and the new strap is extremely comfortable to wear. You can definitely feel the turbine working its magic. It also comes with an add on pouch and a P100 3M filter.

purME review

This purMe Air mask fits true to size and it will stretch out a bit more and feel more comfortable after a period of usage due to the silicone rubber material. I think this is definitely a game changer for face masks. I used to wear the KN95 a lot, but after using this I feel more secure and I can finally breathe while running in this. There is also a built-in UV-C LED, purME Air will sanitize your mask for you whenever you aren’t wearing it.

purME review

Overall, purMe Air definitely changed their game up by adding the turbine, changing into an overhead strap that is very comfortable to wear all day, and most importantly adding a UV light so it can sanitize your mask by itself.

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