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Unboxing & Review

Hello everyone, I have just got my hands on a new HDM portable vaccum cleaner. As its name implies, it is designed to remove House Dust Mites (HDM) while vacuum-cleaning. The device itself is a 300W vacuum cleaner, powerful enough for most household purposes.

What makes it different is the addition of mites-killing features. A high-intensity patting brush is integrated at the tip for depth cleaning, while a sanitizing UV-C light will kill bacteria, virus and mites alike.

vacuum open

Opening the box, I can see the vacuum cleaner secured inside by styrofoam moldings on two sides. The device itself is suspended and doesn’t contact the top or bottom of the box, so it is less prone to damage during shipping. It is also easy to remove and store in case you are keeping it in the box.


Here we have the vacuum unboxed on the table. It weighs around 1.5kg which isn’t exactly featherlight, but definitely weighing less than expected considering all the features. The fitting and finishing are surprisingly good considering its price point.

The design is quite ergonomic with the on/off button placed right on top of the handle, so you can access it anytime.


Vacuum bottom

As we flip the vacuum over, we can see its components laid out. The hole at the center is the suction point, which sucks dust and dirt into the device filter located inside. It has 11KPA suction power, comparable to similar cleaners of its size. To better extract dust, there are two patting brushes located on top of the photo. They will vibrate 9000 times every minute to slap hidden dust and mite out of cover. Two UV-C LED lights will sanitize and kill HDM within 50mm distance. They are located between the two roller wheels.

filter components

Once dust and dirt enter the device, they are trapped inside the filter. The outer shell is stainless steel and catches the last of dust. Inside it is a HEPA filter that filters out most of the particles and trap them inside. All pieces can be removed without tool within seconds. It is helpful when you need to empty it out after using it for a few times.


For our testing, we tried to vacuum a section of carpet that we haven’t cleaned for a few months. Once switched on, I can feel the noise and vibration but it gets dampened significantly when I put it against the floor. The rollers turn smoothly and it takes little effort to push it around. The UV-C lights are on but not very visible due to the spectrum they use. We can visibly see the dust captured by the filter, we believe it can be used for 5-10 times without emptying. The cable is 4M long so no problem to use it away from the plug.

Overall, we think this vacuum does what it promises smoothly yet powerfully. The build quality is surprisingly good and the weight is reasonable. We like how easy it is to disassemble the components without any tool. Recommended for household use, especially to those who are allergic to dust and mite!

lumos on bike

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