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MAKA – The most powerful laser measuring tool for worksites?


Recently, we have been asked by MAKA to review their universal measurement tool. Although most of us around here were not used to fixing stuff or doing home improvements ourselves, this trend is changing as it is a great way to save the rising labor costs! Even compared to the products that we have reviewed before, MAKA is a powerful measuring tool. While the laser measure is likely what we will use most of the time, it has also included a stud finder, thermal imager, moisture meter and more for your DIY jobs. Let’s unbox it!

My first impression with MAKA is that it means business. This is obviously a serious construction tool, designed for hard, solid work. It is not a cool gadget that gets used maybe once and then put away. There is no fine foam or polystyrene. Everything is packed inside strong black nylon, easy to clean and resistant to wear. It is intended to be handled with dirty hands, just like your power drill or tape measure.​

Out of the package, you get the MAKA device, charging cable, thermal sensor, its tripod and an extension. The extension is collapsible so the whole thing can get up to 41 cm tall. The extension can be locked to any height in-between, while the MAKA itself has an angle/level meter to level itself. Everything is colored in matt black, with a rubberized coating over the device itself to prevent slip. All openings/ports are covered with a rubber flap to avoid water.​

angel card

We start by testing the most basic and important function – laser rangefinding. The red laser from MAKA is very visible so aiming is easy. There are two modes to choose from, one operates in single measures, while the other runs continuously, reporting new values around once every second. The measurement works reliably from 30 cm to 15 m distances. I have to aim more carefully at a distance, as the laser becomes less visible to the eyes.​

Next, we move on to the more interesting stuff. MAKA has a metal detector mode, which locates and determines the type of metal behind a shallow surface. This is helpful to know the location & depth of rebars or reinforcements behind a slab of concrete, as those are likely to be weight-bearing and not to be messed with. MAKA detects metal with its front end and not the laser point. A solid silver rod indicates aluminum/alloy, a screw indicates steel and a yellow-ish rod means brass/bronze. It works flawlessly on our test.​

angel card
angel card

The thermal meter is another fun feature, its detector is removable and only installed when needed. Like the thermostat stands that shops have installed during COVID era, it can detect the exact temperature of the surroundings and highlight the hotter objects in red. The temperature ranges between -20 to 1000 degree Celcius. Here we pointed at a LED roof lamp which gets quite hot. Compared to the ~26 degree room temperature, it shows up bright orange on the screen. The meter is useful when you inspect the house. Leaky AC power can cause extra heat, just like poor insulation can get outside hot air sips through and go inside.​

Finally, we try out the laser level line projector that helps you to mark the walls. There is already a horizontal measure on the mode, so I just adjusted the tripod to zero out the X and Y axis. Then I point the leveled meter at a nearby wall, projecting a cross laser line for further markings. This should also come handy when you want to see if furniture and appliances are lining up properly in the room. It is worth noting that there are still more features, such as a wood humidity meter and beam centering meter. We are not quite knowledgeable with those, so we have left them out for you to try out.​

angel card

So the real question is: Is it worth getting? Considering the MAKA does what used to require 5-6 similarly priced devices to complete, I would say that it is a powerful package at a great value if you plan to do some home improvements on your own. You can most definitely save back its initial price in 1-2 tasks that you choose to DIY. It is also a great idea to share with friends and neighbors, the MAKA is prepared for hard work. Recommended.​

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