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Today we have received a sample of the new Lumos Ultra helmet from Lumos! The campaign is still running on Kickstarter and delivery will take place on November. We are excited to try it out.

For those who haven’t heard of Lumos before, they are the pioneering brand for luminous bike helmets. Their original helmet campaign has raised over $800,000 on Kickstarter back in 2015, being the first designs to incorporate front light, rear light and also turn signals all into one single helmet.

lumos package

Opening up the package, we have the helmet. We have been noted by Lumos that the packaging is not for production model. The packaging will provide better protection on actual shipment. The helmet we have received is identified as listed M-L size by Lumos, which should fit people from hat size 54-61 cm. There are 2 more sizes for people with smaller or bigger head. 

lumos weight

The M-L size weights 361g, close to its claimed 370g weight. While the helmet is slightly larger than performance road bike helmets due to batteries and LEDs inside, it should not be restrictive during normal use. 

lumos front
lumos back

The helmet is secured by a proven straps and harness system, with a dial at the back to tighten it. Once properly adjusted, there is no movement or looseness. The helmet feels sturdy and fits snug. The matt black finishing doesn’t scratch easily.


The LED lights are easily turned on by a press and hold to the button at the rear. Like most bike lights, there are multiple modes of strobing. With lights on, visibility is great thanks to the large size of light opening. The light beam follows the movement of your eye and head so it is lit wherever you look. This is a noticeable perk over bike-mounted lights. It feels very much like the headlamp that I wear for hiking.


The signal light can be activated wirelessly by both the remote and through App. The app is already available for iOS and Android as it is shared by current Lumos helmets. The installation is straight-forward and it is easy to connect or operate the turn signals. Alternatively, a remote is included to operate turn signals.

lumos on bike
lumos app
lumos app

Today is around 32 degree Celsius with some wind, typical of early summer here. After a brief 10km ride at around 25km/h average speed, I feel the Lumos Ultra has similar breathability to my usual Kask Protone helmet but takes in less airflow at speed. The lights do not emit noticeable heat. On the other hand, the helmet should suit riding at night or at colder climate very well.

lumos on bike

In summary, the Lumos Ultra does what it promises on campaign. It has excellent large-area front and rear lights fitted to a proven helmet platform. With a smart and minimalist design, it keeps the weight down and the weight difference with regular helmet isn’t noticeable. The strobing can be tailored further with the app, adjusting to different conditions

I would recommend Lumos Ultra to anyone who rides at night with helmet on. It saves time from removing each light for charging, saves space on your handlebar and seatpost; and perhaps most importantly, it saves your head in a crash.

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