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Introducing Lambocharge with the extraordinary Nuovo Si technology fast charging adapter that is mini, compact, and widely compatible. The pioneering portable adapter from Lambocharge is the ultimate charging adapter that enables you to charge all your work and entertainment devices.

Lambocharge utilizes the industry-leading Nuovo Si Power IC pin to minimize components usually found in conventional chargers. The new PC+ABS and IC Pin allow for power devices that can operate at higher voltages and switching frequency which results in smaller and more efficient chargers.

angel package

Lambocharge features a USB-C and a USB-A port despite how small it is, and it can charge two devices at once maintaining 20W maximum power output which is very impressive given that the charge is so small. It can charge your iPhone 12 from 0-50 in only 15 minutes.

Lambocharge sent us this slick packaging just like the charger itself. We believe the final packing will be different though, as this one is missing a user manual. The charger is extremely lightweight. They kept it clean and simple especially with a white and black lettering design which is what everybody wants.

purME review

Lambocharge is hands down the smallest charger I have ever seen that has two ports with a fast charging feature. It is very compact, i can literally bring it everywhere with me, fits inside my jean pockets with no problem at all. Ever since I upgraded my iPhone, my old 5w charger would take me 2-3 hours to be fully charged. But Lambocharge only took 1 hour.

Lambocharge is definitely a step up of all the charges in the market right now. I reckon nothing beats this at the moment. It is very very portable. It can charge two devices at once and most importantly it supports most of your electronic devices that you own. If you are looking for a compact fast charger that looks cool and work wonders, Lambocharge is the one for you.

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