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As we already know, there are already tons of USB dockings and hubs for your laptop on the market. However, not many can be used with your smartphone and you cannot even plug some in with your laptop protection case on!

Fortunately, there is one hub/dock on Indiegogo right now that can handle all these, plus providing internal storage to expand the memory on your device. Let us see how HybridDrive takes care of all these!

HydridDrive sets itself apart from the rest for having an internal SSD. This is a first on the market and I find it impressive for such a compact gadget. It also seems like an economical alternative to factory upgrades. For example, it takes $600 to buy a 2TB storage upgrade from Apple. In comparison, the HybridDrive (2TB model) is priced at $219 on Indiegogo, this means you can save almost $380 by choosing it instead!

The HybridDrive embeds the M.2 NGFF 2242 SSD from Kingspec, capable to transfer files at up to 450MB/S. It can transfer a 4K movie 33GB in size at just under 1 minute.

It takes $600 to upgrade your Macbook storage by 2TB at Apple Store.

The SSD memory is located at the back of HybridDrive, you can spot the “Kingspec” marking by looking carefully.

Another advertised feature is the FPC cable. It allows you to connect most USB-C capable devices, not just Macbook or other notebooks. This cable provides additional flexibility to plug in notebooks with thick protection case on, so you do not need to remove it before plugging in.

This is perhaps the greatest breakthrough for HybridDrive. Now USB hub is no longer exclusive to Macbooks thanks to the FPC cable.

It comes in two options = single and double connectors. The user gets to choose the more suitable option, both are able to combine with the FPC cable set.

Once successfully connected, a signal light will turn on to indicate its status.

Closer look.

Connect with FPC cable.

Let’s test the storage, this is the 2TB version.

Actual reading speed is 423.8MB/s, writing speed is 409.2MB/s.

Using a 33GB 4K Video for test, it took around 1 minute.

Using with iPad Pro.

HybridDrive connects with the iPad Pro even with a fairly thick protection sleeve.

Due to Apple’s format issues, it cannot play the 4K video we just moved in. But we can still read the SSD info of the HybridDrive clearly.

In conclusion, HybridDrive has really raised USB dock/hub to a new level. It is a first for integrating a SSD which we see as quite a breakthrough. The FPC cable extends its use beyond Macbooks, into iPads, smartphones and more, making it far more versatile. As for pricing, 4 internal storage models are released (128GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB). It starts with the 128GB version at $79 and topping with the 2TB version at $219. It is certainly a good deal if you are in the market for a USB dock/hub!

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