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Unboxing & Review

Portable thermal mugs are already common on the market. It is not something we normally would write about. But hodi is an exception – it is an interesting combination of a vacuum mug and a beer glass, meaning you can use it for both warm and cold drinks. The creator claims it is as good at keeping coffee hot as it is keeping beer cold. We will find it out soon.

angel card

The hodi Team has sent us a unlocked stretch goal (Green) set for review. The package is pretty minimalistic, but mug arrived without damage. We suppose either the box did its job well, or the tempered glass itself is quite strong. The team has confirmed that in case the glass does breaks before delivery, they would replace it.

angel package

Main body of hodi is responsible for insulating and keeping the temperature of the beverage inside. The material is plastic, with a rather grippy surface finishing so it won’t slip easily.

purME review

A storage compartment is located at the bottom, the 4-trays divider is removable in case you want to store something bigger. It also acts as the base of the mug, a layer of rubber/silicone is attached to the bottom for extra friction. It twists on and off the mug.

purME review

The tempered-glass interior is unique to hodi. From a closer look, it is actually quite sophisticated in shape. The glass is tapered towards the base and there is a recess near the top, fitted with a silicone fitted ring. We believe it is designed to add extra insulation to the edge of mug to keep temperature better.

The top cover of hodi is rather conventional, with a tea filter beneath and a cover opening on top for you to sip through. There is however a safety lever on the cover, which helps prevent accidental leakage. The fitting is good and help liquid well. The cap will fit the mug with or without the glass inserted.

We were not especially excited about this insulation mug before, but hodi has changed our view after the review. The whole mug is well designed, all parts fit together snugly and insulating silicone seals are found all around the contacts to maintain inside temperature. If you are in for a insulation mug, hodi is a good choice for you.

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