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Unboxing & Review

We are going to review about the portable espresso machine today. This Portable Espresso Machine is a pressurized coffee press that brews espresso coffee, using grinded coffee beans or coffee pods. It is designed to be portable, light and reliable while looking good. The action is quite simple, and with 16 BAR pressure the completed coffee should be comparable to the product of full-sized machines. Let’s start by taking it out:

This Hand Coffee Machine appears to be relatively new to the industry. The box is simple but well designed, with high-density foam holding all items firmly in place. The foam is also resistance to water damage, which can happen when it is designed to store a coffee press. The main body and handle of the press is made out of stainless steel. Coated in black paint, it is easy to wash and keep clean. The brewing area is made out of reinforced glass, able to withstand boiling water and general knock-around from handling.

lumos package

The set includes the 1. Espresso Press, 2. Two Reusable Coffee Powder Pods, 3. A User’s Manual. The white pods are designed to hold freshly grinded coffee, so you can carry two espresso shots of them at once. If Nepresso-style pods are used, these pods are not required. Note that the pods are not completely sealed, so make sure not to shake them around too much once loaded.

lumos weight

Inside the press, you can find the inner shell which is removable. It is held in place by rubber seal, holding air pressure and separate the hot water from the coffee pod. It take some force to remove, but it isn’t necessary to remove and wash it every time. Just do so when it is collecting dirt. Now let us try it out!

lumos weight

As I am more used to Nepresso, I am going to brew it using a pod. When a coffee pod is used, simply tear it open, unload the powder into the white pod and wait. It is best to be careful for the powder can blow a long way.

Next I pressurize the press. The Hand Coffee Machine is operated through a hand-pump on its handle. Once you start pumping, you will notice the pressure meter rises. It gets harder to pump as the pressure increases, but everyone should be able to reach the suggested 16 BAR pressure. Once this is done, I pour hot water into the glass portion of the press. It is best not to move it afterward and always remain upright.


Once the water is filled to the line at 65ml, I insert the white pod and then close the lid by turning it clockwise. Now it is ready to brew! I place it over my mug and press the release button. I can see the stored gas push through the coffee pod and into the mug, extracting the best from the powder. Do not put away the press immediately as the coffee continues to drip out for a few seconds!


And here is a shot of espresso, freshly made with the tiny Coffee Machine. It tastes similar to what I get from the standard Nepresso machine, but I can do this anywhere without electricity and water supply, just with a thermos flask of water!

When compared to similar products, it offers a better pumping action and the pressure meter is placed at a more accessible location. I think this is a valid alternative to other handheld espresso presses. Recommended.

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