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Glow Ionic Comb – A tiny hair styler-blower-massage brush


This time, we have been invited to review a haircare product for the first time! Glow is an all-in-one hair care product. It is also fully cordless and portable as a rechargeable battery provides power. It is advertised to smooth and tidy your hair by generating negative ions, blow-drying your hair with heated air as well as providing a massage to your scalp. This makes it appealing to everyone, not just people with long straight hair. Let’s try it out now!

At the first glance, the Glow looks like a hair brush with a stubby, almost comedic looking short handle. It is quite small, barely larger than an iPhone and smaller than most basic hair brushes in length and width. I have trouble believing that they have managed to fit so many features into it! The main body is overall white, while the removable brush area is in dark gray/black. There is a vent on its back showing its main fan inside. Since Glow includes a blow dryer, this must be the fan that drives air towards your hair.​

Once on hand, the device is more ergonomic than it looks. You just have to hold it like a phone or bathing soap for a good grip. You can access the main button with your thumb, toggling around the multiple preset modes. To do combing and massaging effectively, you will have to grip the whole thing inside your palm anyway, so omitting the handle isn’t a big issue. There are many vents between the bristles of the brush, ready to release negative ions and blow out heated wind. The spare brush has silicone bristles rather than the nylon ones on the stand, allowing you to pick the ideal touch.​

I first turned on the negative ions. The ions are not visible and make no odor, but the effect is obvious on your hairs. I tried it on my hair, which is still damp after shampooing about 5 minutes ago and only dried with a towel. The combing is very smooth, I am able to pull it from up to down easily and the individual hairs turned more smooth, as expected from an ionizing styler. Due to the shorter length of the brush, Glow is better for people with moderate amounts of hair, or spot-styling. So if you have long hair reaching your waist, it is still best to get a full-sized styler. Otherwise Glow can get it done.​​

angel card
angel card

Next I try out its blow drying combined with ions. As the hot wind is released directly from the bottom of the brush, Glow claims it is more efficient than regular hair dryers and can get your hair dry with less power input. I tried it on the same strand of hair and got it dried in about 15 seconds. I would say its performance is closer to a dryer in the 500-800W range. It is certainly not as powerful as the 1000W+ dryers, but I reminded myself that this is a cordless dryer powered by just batteries. It is pretty good for the size and weight.​​

Glow can work as a massage to stimulate your scalp. This feature requires a swap to the softer silicone brush. The brush has no provisions to allow hot air and ions to go through, as it is dedicated for massaging. The hard brush pops off by pulling the tab, then the silicone one just slaps and locks in. Massage mode is also activated by pressing the power button several times. Massage is vibrational, similar to what we get from the previous Eyespa of the same company. Since the brush is pretty soft, I have to hold it down with a little pressure to get the most out of it. Still, it beats massaging with bare hands, which can be quite a chore.​

Glow is a special combination of several hair care products. It is hard to compare it with individual products, but we think it does everything good enough. The negative ions have a clear, noticeable effect on smoothing out the hairs, while the hot air does help drying out or shaping hair. The massage is a little weak at the first try, but it works pretty well once I hold it down with some force. Considering this is a portable product that runs on battery and takes no more space than a simple, unpowered brush, I think it has exceeded my expectations. If you do not already own a styler, I would recommend you to get one just to try out. If you already do, it is perfect for your next trip or vacation!​

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