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Foldable Lander by Yunonglive – Is this Origami inspired set as special as it sounds?


So long story short, a team of creators has emailed us a while ago asking us to review their folding chair and table/ottoman set. At the first glance, it was a pretty conventional design just like many on the market. The weight (2.8lb), payload (240lb) and adjustability look pretty good for its size, but we are not sure if that is any special. Then they started the campaign and the funding has skyrocketed several times beyond its goal. So we have to take a look.

The set arrived in a medium-sized cardboard box. Removing the foams, we got the chair and table in two separate packs. The chair is folded and stored inside a canvas pouch, while the table comes in an enclosed cardboard box with instructions printed on its side. Both of their structures are metal and GRF, I think the minimalist packing is enough to prevent damage during shipping. The main fabric is “900D Oxford Cloth”, which is a strong polyester material. It feels somewhat between cotton canvas and Condura, balancing durability with comfortability.

As the cardboard box has a pull tab on its side, it is likely not intended to be reused after opening. The weight is true to their claim, so it is easy to carry them along on a camping trip.

The chair and table are folded neatly inside the packing. There is zero assembly or installation needed, the whole thing is just held tight by a strap like an umbrella. I really like the use of contrasting orange on the strap, as it makes it stand out from the otherwise all-green chair. I have a black umbrella with a strap of the same color, and it is incredibly hard to locate the strap sometimes! Maybe they should do the same on umbrellas too. The Ottoman shares the same frame and folding design, though the fabrics color is in white.​

The folding mechanism is very smooth and straightforward. Like a large umbrella, you push it to flip over the joint and then have its frame lock itself into place. The lock is only released when you press the button on its bottom, and your weight helps keep it open during use. I have noticed that there are interconnected cogs at the base of the legs, which help synchronize all four legs as it folds or unfolds. This makes sure the angle of all legs are equal to ensure a smooth folding action. To fold it back, just depress the bottom button and then pull it the other way. It takes around 10 seconds for me to open at the first try, and a little longer to have it folded back.​

The table can easily withstand most stuff you would put on it. When doubling as a stool/chair, it appears to hold my full body weight well, only slight bend on the frame can be observed, which is totally normal for metal. The metal legs are supported by rubber/plastic feet, improving grip on smooth surfaces such as concrete or tiles.​

As for the chair, it is largely identical to the table except for the upper part. The rear pair of supports feature a telescoping extension, allowing you to unfold a backrest to lean on when desired. It is also auto-locked with springload, you just need to press the button to have it retracted back, just like a foldable umbrella. I made the mistake at first by extending the backrest before locking the base frame, which affected the locking mechanism. Apparently, you must unfold and lock the lower frame before working on the backrest extension.​

The opened chair and table are definitely among the better ones on the market. The frame has very little play once locked, giving a stable and reliable impression. The hammocked fabric is comfortable with some suspension, yet the frame is very rigid for its weight.I have also noticed that all the edges have been ribbed with additional fabric, which prevents loose threads from pilling off. All mountings are either riveted or screwed on, so nothing will come loose easily. Frankly, I am impressed at how they are still able to keep it pretty light with so many reinforcements.​

So the Foldable Lander by Yunonglive is a good camping set. But the real question is – is it worth its $89 Kickstarter Special price tag? My answer would be a YES if you will find use with it. While you can get away with cheaper sets, this pair is a real investment that can last for decades with some basic care. The material isn’t going to fall apart in a few years, and the quality aluminum frame isn’t going to buckle by one careless kick. If you fancy some folding furniture for a hiking or camping trip that you can relax around the fireplace on, this will be a good choice. We thank its creator for sending us the sample!​

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