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eyeSpa – A steam-puffing mask that gives ice and heat massage on your face


The QOOLA team has contacted us again to review their new product – this time a portable massaging mask that gives off steam to moisturize your skin. Just like their previous QOOLA wearable air conditioner, eyeSpa can generate both cooling and heating with the same tech. Let’s see how well it works out as a mask!

The set has arrived in a pale white cardboard box. The mask is about as big as a ski goggle, though the weight is unbelievably light. Although the battery and chipset are already packed inside, it still weighs more or less the same as a standard ski goggle. This is probably a good thing as you don’t want too much weight worn straight on your face.​

The set includes very few accessories, with just a squeeze-bottle and a USB cable aside from the user’s manual. The manual includes a walk-through about how to get it ready for use. The mask itself is mostly made out of plastic with a matt white finishing. The interior is however metal, which is probably where the cooling and heating comes from. A small clear tank is located at the center, holding up the water that gets turned into steam during massage.​

The first step is to get the mask fitted to your face. The elastic strap is quite wide and holds pretty firm to your face. A standard buckle is there to adjust its length. I find it best to get the strap slightly shorter than actual, as it stretches quite a bit once you put it on. Once the length is set, I added some water into the water tank using the squeeze bottle provided. It has to been used as the small water tank opening means it is almost impossible to not spill water in the process.​

angel card

As the eyeSpa is all ready, let’s find out if it is as good as advertised. I pressed down and held the power button until the blue light turned on. Then I selected the cooling mode. Nothing happened at first, but the surface became chilling after around 20 seconds. It feels like touching a bottle of coke from the fridge, definitely not freezing but cold enough to feel the difference. This should work similar to an ice pack to relieve etch and swelling.

Next, I tried the heating mode, which can combine with the steamer. I waited awhile for it to return to room temperature before switching it on. The heat is generated immediately. Once its temperature stopped increasing, I turned on the steam. As the steam is not generated by boiling, it is actually warm which is comfortable and soothing when it contacts my skin. Both the heating and steaming are very stable throughout the ~20 minutes process. eyeSpa does everything more or less as advertised. Next we will try to clean it up before packing back.​

As the silicone sleeve lines up the mask fully, it is the only part that your head should contact during use. The sleeves can be removed for washing, which is quite easy to do as it is held down by just a couple of holes. I just pulled it straight off. eyeSpa has confirmed that the silicone is medical grade, so it can be washed in hot water for a good cleanup. I soaked it under a bowl of warm water with some detergent. The fit remains perfect after it has dried and I plugged it back on.

In conclusion, I personally think eyeSpa does what it has promised to do. I am not someone who loves to get massages, but its heat treatment did work out to relieve my dry eyes and skin around it in just 20 minutes. On the design aspect, it is very easy to operate and adjust. The only slight downside is with the water filling, which requires the use of a dropper. It might be better if I can just splash it under the tap to fill up. Overall, this is an interesting gadget to try out and the price is affordable enough. Recommended!​

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