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Ever so often, a technology comes along and changes the status quo. The compact disc made floppies go extinct, the flash drive did the same to compact discs, and then cloud storage came again to change the game. What the ECLLPSE does is give us a taste of what the future ahead of cloud storage is.

Designed to be as compact as a flash drive with the capacity of a cloud-storage service, but without those nagging subscription costs, the ECLLPSE is a ridiculously small, universally compatible SSD with a robust outer construction that can go wherever you go. The SSD sits within a rugged, IP67 water and dust resistant enclosure that’s roughly the size of your thumb, boasting of storage as high as 2 terabytes fitting right within the palm of your hand. A USB-C interface allows the ECLLPSE to work with a wide variety of devices (there’s even a USB-A dongle for broader compatibility), ranging from mobiles to computers and even specialized gear like gaming consoles, cameras, and high-end recording equipment. Support for WTG (Windows to Go) even allows you to install operating systems on your ECLLPSE, letting you carry your own computer right in your pocket.

angel card
This is a first on the market and we find it impressive for such a compact gadget.
angel package

With up to 2TB of storage, ECLLPSE is the world’s first and only portable SSD with OTG File Manager support capabilities for seamless data backup and storage for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices using a lightning connector. ECLLPSE’s USB-C supports high-speed data transfer at up to 550MB/s and is compatible with Macs, PCs, Android devices, and digital cameras.

purME review

Size only 1/3 of traditional external hard drive

purME review

ECLLPSE comes with USB Type-C connector and one USB-A adapter

The white light is through USB 3.1 Gen 2, and green light is USB 3.0

We received the sample with WTG in 1TB and the total storage size is 2TB

Black Magic speed test

Speed test on Windows

Works perfectly on Android phone

Ultimately, ECLLPSE aims at being safer too. The fact that your data exists offline on a device you own means that it’s impervious to hackers and data breaches. Couple that with ECLLPSE’s rough, rugged, water-resistant construction and you’ve got storage that’s designed to serve you everywhere, indoors and out, whether you’re working on a laptop or backing up photos on your phone, or even whether you’re capturing and dumping 4K footage from your DSLR, or just storing your console games on a nifty stick-shaped SSD that you can carry around with you anywhere you go… without those pesky subscription charges!

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