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Cocinare KRUSH – A portable ice cream maker for anywhere


Admit it, you love ice cream, I love ice cream, everyone love some ice cream once in a while. Some like it served from the parlor. Some like to buy in cans and enjoy at home. Some even make their own, with dedicated ice cream machines you get to choose the exact ingredients to your preferences. KRUSH was born exactly for those who love to get creative. It is the all-in-one ice cream maker that makes real ice cream anywhere anytime – for it is just the size of a thermal bottle.


The creator of Krush, Cocinare is not new to the game. They have already created a portable blender before, which was funded well beyond its initial goal for being small and powerful. Krush has caught our eyes once it was launched, so when they asked for our review, we got everything hooked up in just days. We will be writing about the machine, as well as reviewing the ice cream it makes. Lets go!

Krush arrived in a jet black paper box. The design is very stylish – decorated with well-placed patterns and quotes, it looks more like a package for high-end smartphone than a kitchen appliance. The content is equally minimalistic – the maker is packed inside a padded carrying case, along with a very minimal user manual and membership card for its App. Everything is packed tight with dense foam.​

angel card

As Concinare already has a very comprehensive recipe on its app, it is not included in the box. I took their team’s suggestion and tried out their classic Oreo Ice Cream recipe, which is one of the easiest to make. I went to the supermarket and bought the whipped/heavy cream, milk, sugar and Oreo needed. Meanwhile, I have taken the Krush apart and placed its stainless steel core inside the freezer overnight – Krush uses the frozen core to make ice cream, and the liquid sealed inside keeps it frozen even under room temperature.

Krush is composed of a top lid with motor inside, a detachable churning blade, the metal core and several shrouds and caps to keep it tight. A thermal bag is included to keep it insulated – it can keep ice cream inside cold and fresh for up to 5 hours even in the summer. The construction is sound and solid, the motor has zero play to it and only spins when turned on.

angel card

After spending a full night in the freezer, the core is freezing cold and ready. I took it outside of the freezer and onto the table. To make the Oreo ice cream, I first crushed the biscuits in a bowl and then poured in the cream, sugar and milk as instructed. I used an electronic weight to make sure it is right, but you can do without with no issue. I poured the mix into the core and placed the motor lid on top. Once the tabs are matched, it makes a tight fit.​

angel card

The blade starts churning after the button is held down for 2 seconds. Churning is the most important part in making ice cream – too fast or too slow, it won’t turn the mix into proper ice cream. The motor is powered by internal battery and can make at least two 210ml tubs of ice creams in one full charge. Once it is done and starts beeping about 20 minutes later, I opened it up and removed the blade. Using the insulation bag, I zipped it up for dessert after lunch. The mix has settled and looks just like regular Hagen-Daaz!


The ice cream roughly maintains the same hardness as a scope from a parlor after kept in its bag for an hour. It could be scoped with a regular spoon, yet still maintained solid until it was finished. The texture of the ice cream is about average, on the more creamy side and the sweetness is right on spot. I would rate the recipe 10/10 spot on. It was a great ice cream that I never thought could be DIY.

So we have now confirmed that the KRUSH does works as advertised – it makes great ice cream with common ingredients. The process is pretty much as expected, you throw in the stuff into the frozen core and it does the rest. Operating it is super easy as it has one fixed process and switches off automatically. It is reasonably easy to wash afterward, thanks to the thoughtful design and use of good material.​


If you want to have fresh ice cream anywhere, or if you want to create your own mix without investing too much, the KRUSH is certainly an ideal choice for you! We thanks Cocinare for providing the prototype and timely reply for any question we asked. Recommended!

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