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ChillZ Pro – A misting fan with something more


Although our office is air-conditioned, it is fixed at 26 degree Celsius so the room can still get hot during the hotter months. It doesn’t actually get you all sweaty, but when ChillZ offered us to try out their new fan, completed with a mist generator and even a Bluetooth speaker, I instantly agreed. As they are located relatively close to us, we received the sample in just a few days.

The ChillZ Pro arrived in a pretty standard cardboard box. It is a bit smaller than what I have imagined, considering its claims that it can cool as well as full-sized electric fans. The huge 20,000mAh battery is already embedded inside, so they must have made a pretty good use of space.​

angel card

The ChillZ comes in a white textured Rubbermaid-like finishing with an accent in orange. I believe the finishing helps covering small dings and scratches if it is used in outdoors, so a nice touch to it. The buttons are recessed, decreasing the chance of hitting them accidentally on the move or getting water in. Overall weight is about what I have expected – not feather-light but still easy to lug around using its handle.

I started testing the fan first. There is just one button to toggle wind speed, so you cannot miss it. While the low setting is comparable to smaller fans, higher settings are very powerful and you can clearly feel the recoil if you are holding up the fan. You might want to face the wind directly if you are working out or fixing your car at the garage, but otherwise it is better to place it a distance away and use the swing. The swing is super wide at 150 degree, so you can use it for a larger room.

angel card
angel card

Then we looked up the misting feature of ChillZ. The cooling relies on Flash Evaporation, which happens when the sprayed water mist evaporates into the air and decreases the room temperature. Think of it like finishing a shower without wiping yourself dry immediately – the evaporating water will take away your body heat. We closed down the AC in one room so the temperature reached 28 degree C at 61% humidity. Then we filled up the water tank with tap water and turned on ChillZ for 20 minutes. Full speed setting was selected. We came back and looked at the thermostat again – it has dropped to 25.5 degree, which is quite noticeable. The humidity remains about the same at 63%. We would consider that a success.

Another feature of the ChillZ Pro is its integrated Bluetooth speaker. It was super easy to use, just press on the button and it will show up on your phone Bluetooth list. The sound is decent for its size, audible from across the room and the heavy towards the bass. We have encountered no disruption or disconnection during the test. We have also noticed a light that will lit up the top water tank, a welcomed touch if it is used outdoors.​

Overall, ChillZ has reached our expectation for a compact yet powerful misting fan. While it is not the most powerful one on the market, it is portable with its own battery power, which is a rare feature among them. The speaker might not replace your stereo set, but it is good enough to play some music at the picnic spot or campfire party. Recommended for its cooling power and planned price.​

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