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BOLTZ MINI – Is this tiny power screwdriver from BOLTZ as good as it claims??


BOLTZ is a startup company that makes small electric tools like the original BOLTZ which we have reviewed a while ago. The BOLTZ rotary tool has left us an impression with its high precision, thoughtful storage and fine finishing. Their team is also quite happy with our previous review, so we have been invited to do a second one.


The BOLTZMINI is a smaller, complementary tool to the first BOLTZ. The tool focuses on providing high torque power at a lower speed, so it can fasten or loosen small screws and bolts with a good level of control. The top speed is just a fraction of the original BOLTZ, but that isn’t necessary as it doesn’t do polishing or fine sanding. The box it comes in is similar to the other BOLTZ products. This is the full set, which already includes the tool, tube storage plus 96 tool bits tool case. A charging base is included to charge the tool through a USB socket, and a standard USB-C cable is also included if you want to skip the base.

The box is lined with protective foam and split into two levels. The top level contains the 96 pieces tool bit case, while the bottom stores the tool, tube storage, charging base and a box of additional tools. This box is mainly to protect the set during shipping, as the individual tools inside it have their own protective storage. If the box is to be reused, it is best to clean the tool and accessories first as the material can really catch grease and dirt.​

The storage tube is a major feature of the BOLTZMINI set. The BOLTZMINI together with 10 tools (in five twin-headed tool bits) are all packed into a clear tube. The MINI is removed from one side while the tools from another. The plug-in cap is reasonably secure yet easy to remove. As the tool bits are standardized in a 4mm hex shaft, I can swap them out with the other 96 tools from the case, carrying the 10 tool bits that I need the most. Although the tube has no external mounting for a keychain and such, it can fit inside a pants pocket or a small bag easily for everyday carry. We think it is a simple and clever solution to a common problem. Most people would have just shoved them all into one pocket, and then take a long time to fetch them.

angel card

The rest of the tools are stored inside a metal-bodied slide-out box like the previous BOLTZ products. While the design is quite sturdy and easy to open, it is also relatively heavy for daily carry. One click to its bottom would pop it open. 24 twin-tipped tool bits are found on each side. They contain a total of 96 common tool bits to work on bolts, all secured by magnets so they won’t fall off. We find the quality and fit of the case up to the standards of similar tools.

Some tools are not stored inside the case or tube. It is a set of 3 drills and 3 sanding bits, which come in a 6.35mm hex shaft. It is easy to fit them on BOLTZMINI – just pull off the metal 6.35mm to 4mm adapter and snap in. 6.35mm hex mount is also a common standard for other tools, we have a power drill that uses the same standard, so its drill can also fit on BOLTZMINI.​

We tried drilling with it, the high torque makes it pretty good at drilling holes on wood. A small battery level display is all we found on the tool. As there is a dedicated button for the MINI to turn clockwise or counter-clockwise, there is no display of direction. Overall it is a more simple and straight-forward tool than most electric screwdrivers today.

angel card
angel card

BOLTZMINI is specifically engineered to sand wood and other miniature materials with ease, making it an ideal companion for intricate woodworking projects, crafting, and minicure endeavors. Despite its small size, BOLTZMINI boasts a robust motor and a versatile range of sanding attachments, allowing it to effortlessly smooth surfaces, refine edges, and achieve impeccable finishes. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, the BOLTZMINI is the perfect tool to bring your creations to life, providing you with exceptional control and remarkable results.

It appears that BOLTZ has made another decent compact tool for engineers and hobbyists. While the screwdriver idea isn’t new, it is executed in a way that it will fit many roles and purposes. We have seen tool bits stored inside a tube, but storing them together with the electric tool itself in one tube is something new. The MINI will not replace larger power screwdrivers or even the original BOLTZ, but it is a useful little gadget for anyone looking for one. Recommended to get it at a discount on Kickstarter.​

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