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Aquapur – The world’s first AI water dispenser


Hello again everyone, it is KST review again and this time we are doing something different – a water dispenser! However this is much more than your average dispenser. This “Aquapur” will pour out the water at your desired temperature and volume once setting is done. Now let’s get started:

The packaging is the typical minimalist one you see on many electronics like Xiaomi products. It indicates that one Aquapur, one filter and three “ID tags” are included. The ID tag is where they get creative, let me get them out first.

Once plugged in the cable to the power socket, the Aquapur lights up in a very “techy” blue color. Following the manual, I have installed the carbon filter which is a 7-layer type, similar to the common ones from brands like Pur. It is a drop-in type so I didn’t even need to read the manual to get it in place. This type of filter is a well proven tech so it should do the job. The filter is located inside the water tank, so it will filter all water before it flows through the dispenser.

Once the filter is in place, I can try it out by filling up the water tank. The tank takes 2800ml of water, which can easily last for days for a single user. The water takes some time to go through the filter, which is a good sign that the filter is actually filtering away the particles in the water. Now that there is enough water underneath the filter, we can go to the next step.

Here I can find the buttons to select different temperatures and a small display. They are mostly for setting up stuff though, as once the ID Tag has been set up, Aquapur will dispense water automatically. The buttons seem well made and depressed all the way down when I press on them, which gives a nice feel.

So these are the “ID Tags” they have been talking about. They are pieces of stickers with a chip/sensor sandwiched inside, most likely using NFC tech like transit cards. They store the data inside so Aquapur will remember your preferences. The sticker secures it to the base of your cup or glass and is pretty water proof as I tested it out. You get 3 of them from the box and more are available separately. We have asked Aquapur how many tags we can use for one dispenser, and they replied that we can use as many as we like. Data is stored inside the tag, not the machine.

Setting up the tag is super straightforward. Here I place the tagged cup on the tray and wait for the screen to read it. Once it is ready, just select your preferred temperature and then stop it at your desired water level. Press save and then everything is remembered.

To test it out, I emptied the cup and placed it on the tray again. This time, the dozing light switches on automatically and water starts pouring in at the 75 degree I have selected. The water level stopped near the top, which is around where I set it up. Pretty cool isn’t it? I have tested it for 5 more times afterward, the volume and temperature stayed constant.


I find this quite a neat function. Like many people I make tea in one mug exclusively. I can just stick the tag at its bottom, set the temperature to what. Whenever I need tea, I only have to insert a tea bag and place it on the tray – Aquapur will do the rest. Saves a lot of time and effort!

One more feature of the Aquapur is that it can keep the already purified water even better by disinfecting it with an internal UV light. It is set to process 15 minutes after each water dispensing. UV-C is pretty popular today and it is effective at removing germs and viruses, which can grow even after the water has been filtered.

In conclusion, Aquapur is something I recommend to everyone who has to filter and boil their own hot water. It is no bigger than comparable products, which is already compact when you compare with the older separate water boiler and dispenser. The size and capacity mean it is best for households with 1-2 people, but you can buy more than one of them for bigger homes too so that would still work out.


The ID Tag is a really convenient yet simple feature, I would expect it to see more uses in the future and I think Aquapur is already working on that now. Thank you for spending time to go through our review!

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