It has been almost a year since the first case of COVID 19. As there is still no sign that the pandemic is going to end soon, we are sent another protection item for review. Since it has been confirmed that the virus can transmit through droplets into a person’s eyes, various products have surfaced to protect the wearer against what a mask doesn’t not cover.

While something as simple as eyeglasses or lab googles will help reduce the chance of transmission, many specialized products have been developed to counter this. The Blocc Shield we are reviewing is one of the best among them.

blocc package

The Blocc Shield is a brand new design made specifically for COVID 19. Made out of standard Polycarbonate (PC) plastic, the same material used on lab goggles, sunglasses and reusable water bottles. The material is perfect for its intended use, being strong, durable, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean and sterilize.

purME review

The shield is mostly one-piece with the exception of the nose pad. Like professional active sunglasses and protection goggles, it can be detached for cleaning for it is most prone to get dirty. You do not need to risk scratching the whole shield when you only need to clean the pad.

purME review

Our unit of Blocc Shield weights 68g on electronic scale. This comes rather surprising considering its size is much larger than an average pair of lab goggles, which still weights around 50g. With most masks on, the combination would still be under 100g so it shouldn’t feel too restricted.

purME review

As the lens is heavily curved, some optical deformation is expected. They did keep the material thin and clear, so you can still read messages and use your phone with it on. The size is about medium-large in hat size, meaning it will fit adults up to around 60cm in hat size. The nose pads are quite long so it can fit people with smaller nose equally well.

We find the Blocc Shield a decent PPE item, for its great coverage that effectively protects your whole face from droplets when it is worn with a mask. Compared to thin disposable shields, it will last much longer and provide some ballistic protection as well. If you have to walk or cycle in the city, this is a recommended item.

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