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ONHOR-360° Rotation Wireless Charging Phone Holder

360° Flexible Rotation | Wireless Charging | Smart Adsorption Suction Cup | Adjustable Heights And Angels | Foldable And Portable
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ONHOR has a 360 degree free rotation bottom with a universal wireless charging ultra strong magnetic suction head. It is equipped with a 2-section adjustable aluminum alloy connecting rods bracket, which makes it very convenient and flexible for you to use. This innovative design makes ONHOR more practical and very suitable for our daily needs.

The design of the 360 degree free rotation is to allow you to rotate the bracket in any direction, such as the angle of the suction head, the height and angle of the bracket can be adjusted freely, allowing users to always find a suitable posture to use electronic devices and better share content with friends. You only need to lightly rotate to flexibly rotate.

You may wonder if your phone or tablet is heavy whether ONHOR suction head is enough to hold without worrying about falling?

In order to solve this issue, we have long considered it is one of the main features of our design of this product. For convenience, we have built-in intelligent chips and device sensing heads that enable our suction cup to have an automatic adsorption function. 

As long as you place the device on the suction cup, it will automatically adsorb your device and firmly fix the device on the bracket. The powerful adsorption capacity of suction cups is sufficient to support more than 95% of electronic products used in daily office and home use, including smart devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

In order to completely achieve this technology, ONHOR has made a breakthrough and applied vacuum adsorption technology to smart phone holder. 

Traditional electronic holders may have the following problems: damaged phone cases, difficult to disassemble, manual adsorption or manual fixation, etc…. In short, this is really troublesome. Using ONHOR, just gently put my phone or iPad on the suction cup, and it will automatically adsorb my phone and tablet within a second, making it very convenient. I can say goodbye to my outdated single phone holder!

How is ONHOR’s super adsorption function achieved?

It uses the most advanced bionic vacuum silicone suction cup with built-in intelligent chips and device sensor head. When the vacuum suction cup senses the device, ONHOR detects the vacuum state through the intelligent sensing suction head and automatically sucks in the air between the suction cup and the device to ensure that the suction cup firmly secures your device. The fully automatic suction cup ensures that a vacuum is maintained between the device and the suction cup, making accidental sliding device become a thing of the past.

TPU material bionic suction cup, sealed vacuum, super adsorption force, more solid adsorption. Realize true intelligent vacuum adsorption.

You may be curious about how strong the adsorption capacity of ONHOR is. 

To demon its true super adsorption capacity, we have had a try for something which is about 2pcs laptops’ weight to test its adsorption capacity. As you can see, it sucked away without any pressure at all.

What should I do if I am really worried about not being able to remove my phone or tablet because of strong absorption of suction cup?

Don’t worry, there is a button on the adsorption head of ONHOR. This button is when you don’t need to use ONHOR, you only need to gently press the button on the side, and the adsorption head will open, and then you can easily reach your phone or tablet electronic device.

Under the super absorption suction cup, we also specially designed a charging function, which is commonly referred to as the wireless charging head function.

Yes, while I am studying, online teaching, live streaming, video calling or watching movies, low battery power is often a disappointing reminding. 

To cover this issue, we have also designed a wireless charging function so that even if the electronic device has low battery power, we don’t have to worry about being forced to turn off and wait for charging. The function of wireless charging makes our lives easier and more interesting. 

The all-metal circular bottom adds stability without the need to worry about rollover. Our engineers have tested mainstream electronic products such as full-size iPads and mobile phones, tablets on the market without any rollover.

On the bottom shafts, we have adopted a newly design of AR damping shaft tech to make it rotate very smoothly with a damping feeling and the sound sounds very decompressing.

when you have been under a lot of pressure, then try ONHOR, constantly rotating, mechanical sounds, let you decompress the feeling is too strong! 

ONHOR uses 2-shafts bearings, using customized threaded locks at both ends of the 2-shafts bearings to fasten ports, and installing nylon pads inside the retaining ring to enhance its load carrying capacity.

360°rotation is unlimited and more freedom.

The newly bottom pulley tech allows your device to easily slide 360 ° without jamming and is very silky. 

ONHOR has the angle and height adjustment you want under the combination of a dual shaft sliding bracket design and a stable bearing bottom, as well as a 360 degree rotation suction head. No matter what height and angle you want, as long as you adjust it, you can make it meet your expectations.

The back of the suction cup is equipped with a universal ball that is connected to the end of the bracket, thereby achieving overall universal angel adjustment of the suction head, and adjusting the desired posture as needed. Make sure your device is always at the angle that best suits you.

ONHOR uses the same CNC anodizing process as MAC, providing a smoother touch feeling and better wear-resistance. 

The overall structure of the bracket is made of all-aluminum alloy material, which is not very large in size, but is sufficient to support daily electronic devices. The overall mechanical feeling is fully perfect, and it is very suitable for office and household use.

In the past, when I used to use my phone or tablet on a stand, I needed to switch between horizontal screen and vertical screen by manual. It’s too troublesome to remove the phone or tablet from the bracket and replace it every time. Now with ONHOR, smooth switching between horizontal and vertical screens is really great!

The ONHOR universal suction cup can be separately removed from the bracket and used in the vehicle together with the car air vent bracket (we will provide you with a car bracket freely). The phone can be placed on the suction cup to achieve automatic adsorption function, which will be very stable on the suction cup, and even when driving on rough roads, the phone will not shake or fall.

Whether it’s a tablet or a phone or other similar electronic devices, it’s universal using.

Support for Type-C charging, which can be used for 60 days after only 20 minutes of charging.

Adopting a multi shafts, which can be perfectly folded and very convenient to carry.

In offices, product exhibition areas in shopping centers, mobile phone holders in cars, home office and games, we can hand over our phones and tablets to ONHOR, which can provide you with the best perspective.

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