nara Pro is the lively air-cleaning robot from the future! Combining state-of-the-art air purifying technology with smart powerful AI tech, nara Pro will detect the atmosphere around it and run at the optimal speed whenever necessary, turning even the most polluted air into a delightful breeze!



nara Pro comes with a powerful 3-Layers Nano Shield + Pro Filter that can remove bad odor, VOC, pollen, smog, chemicals, dust, pet dander, etc to ensure the air you breathe is the cleanest possible.




We have picked the medical-grade H13 level HEPA filter for nara Pro. Being highly efficient, maintenance-free and affordable, it will keep your room free of unhealthy air for months. 



The filter first filters away dust, hair, and lint. Then it traps microorganisms, PM2.5 particles, and pollen with nano-sized precision. Finally, it removes bad odor, smoke, and TVOC, leaving you with the purest and healthy air to breathe in.




Our UV-C component is a welcomed addition to the already excellent filter system. Using UV-C tech that is well-proven for medical use, the device will provide yet another layer of protection by eliminating any microorganism inside the filter with UV, just like the Sun. This leaves no chance for them to pass through and cause harm.



nara Pro is FDA-cleared to destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold. nara Pro uses an ultra-powerful and high-efficiency 254 nm UV-C Light that supplies the right intensity, strength, and time that’s needed to inactivate and vanish the outer proteins of microorganisms.




In addition to the highly effective laser sensor that detects PM 2.5 and 1.0 particles in the air, nara Pro also contains a gas sensor. This sensor will detect harmful gasses known as TVOC, invisible yet can cause permanent damage to your health. With nara Pro, nothing will slip through undetected.



Like most modern air purifiers, nara Pro has a sensor to detect local air particles. But it alone doesn’t detect harmful gasses in the atmosphere, and the data gathered online isn’t updated in real time. To detect sudden threats, we have managed to fit a micro gas sensor into nara Pro, allowing it to monitor in real-time. This makes nara Pro able to respond to pollution spikes immediately.




nara Pro Smart AI Air Quality Sensor reads your air quality and adjusts the fan speed based on real-time readings. The standby mode will only occur during opening and closing. 



The 4-stage AI Air Quality Indicator shows as Standby, Good, Fair, and Poor.




Small yet powerful. nara Pro can instantly purify a room up to 300ft² (27m²) in 10 to 20 minutes, making it ideal for a bedroom, kitchen, baby room, or pet living area.




The purifying speed is often overlooked for air purifiers. As every second of breathing untreated air affects your health, it is important to purify the air quickly



nara Pro disperses purified air using its duct fan at a high airspeed. This not only replaces the air faster but also provides extra cooling in hotter climates.





Adopting a standard Smart Home protocol, nara Pro can connect to your mobile devices with its App as well as the most common Smart Home apps. Once connected, all controls can be done through your phone. You can select them in the app or use voice controls like Siri on iOS.



nara Pro can link up with most smart home electronics under common IOT protocol. You can use an existing app to control it or use its app to control other smart home devices. Remote controlling your home has never been easier.




Making a balance between performance and noise level, nara Pro can perform most purifying tasks with around 30dB of noise. Unless the air pollution is over 120 AQI, you will barely notice nara Pro running.



The ducted fan inside nara Pro both draws in dirty air and gives out clean air with a powerful duct fan installed inside. The blade design maximizes air movement, yet creates only a fraction of the noise as exposed blades. nara Pro will replace the air in a room faster and also helps cool down in the Summer.