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The 3-IN-1 Brush

Look Good Wherever You Go With The 3-IN-1 Brush. Combines a Comb, Brush, and Mirror into 1 unit. Customize and carry how you like!
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The Only Beard and Hair Brush set of its Kind!

We are proud to bring you the latest innovation in male grooming, the all-new 3-in-1 brush set. This all-in-one product makes male grooming less cumbersome and easy to carry. This item will work for you whether you have a wooly or silky beard, long hair, or short hair on your head. In addition, this product is designed to work for different hair and beard types. This innovation is possible because you can configure and interchange the brush and comb set you wish to carry. All sets also feature a compact mirror that is ideal for use on the go.

This 3-in-1 Brush is designed by a man for men!

We understand the challenges that come with maintaining one’s beard. Knowing that men want to be well groomed in all situations, especially when we are always in a rush and don’t always have the right grooming tools. So we designed a game changer for the men’s grooming industry. After years of research and product development, this 3-in-1 brush, comb, and mirror combination is the only one of its Kind developed with guys and their needs in mind, and the ONLY one that combines the three items into one compact unit.  Don’t have a beard? This product is still for you as all the combs and brushes can be use for the hair on your head to.  The dual sided comb can be use for finer silky hair and the metal tooth pick can be used for thicker wooly hair. We we intentional in trying to make a product for EVERYONE!

Look Good Wherever You Go, without the extras!!

We don’t want to carry a comb, brush, and mirror separately. That is just too cumbersome. We are minimalist, and we love tools and gadgets. This grooming tool is a configurable and interchangeable set that allows you to create one carriable compact unit.

The Traveler

This is the most compact version of our 3-in-1 brush sets, and it will keep you stylish on the go. 


The Pro

With “The Traveler,” it adds two combs and a comb compartment. The first is a two-sided comb for silky or short hair, and the second is a medal tooth comb to use as a pick and detangler on wooly or longer hair. With these two additions you will never be caught frizzy.


The Master

With “The Master” you get everything from The Traveler and The Pro: in addition, you get the storage compartment with a metal compartment lid that allows you to store money, a beard oil pack, or other small grooming utensils in this bonus compartment. You will also get a second HARD bristle brush attachment. That’s two brushes, two combs, a mirror, and a storage compartment!

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