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LingoBook & LingoYak: The Language Learning Revolution

GET 1 FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION | The Future of Language Learning is Here | Driven by AI & Machine Learning | Learn 10x Faster
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The language learning revolution is here, and it’s driven by the power of combined cloud AI and Machine Learning technologies from Microsoft Azure and OpenAI

😀😲 Getting started on a New Language is significantly Easier with our system! 

Imagine this: transforming your everyday words, sentences, or even conversations into speaking another language 10x faster.

Buckle up, because we’re about to shatter your expectations and redefine how you learn languages forever


YakWriter allows you to practice your writing skills by listening and transcribing what you hear, seamlessly integrating with your chat history.

A revolutionary system that takes language learning to the next level. Say goodbye to tedious study routines or apps and hello to an interactive and dynamic system that removes the limit of language learning and make it more engaging and effective


Ditch the Dull, Embrace the Real. YOU ARE IN CHARGE NOW!

LingoBook & LingoYak help you organize your words, and sentences; learn and speak like a local wherever you go. Simply plan in your native language and transform to your target language.

  • Learn what YOU want: From greetings to making requests and offers.
  • Ditch the generic content: Say goodbye to cookie-cutter courses. Your native language is the foundation for your new language skills. 
  • Learn faster, smarter: By building on what you already know, you’ll master your new language in no time. 

Traveling the world? Learn essential phrases in multiple languages before your next adventure. It’s fast, organized, and easier to get started on a new language from experience.

LingoBook acts as your personal language planner, allowing you to create custom topics and record words, sentences, or even entire conversations in your native language. This personalized roadmap forms the foundation for your language learning adventure.

This ain’t an ordinary planner. Think of it as your personal language playground, filled with templates, to record your native words, sentences, and conversations. 

The best part? You plan once and learn all languages it offers at your own pace.

Once you’ve created your learning plans in LingoBook, LingoYak takes over. LingoYak seamlessly transforms your plans into your target language through specialized translation and provides native voice pronunciations as you chat. 

LingoYak uses Neural Machine Translation(NMT). NMT provided major advances in translation quality over the industry-standard Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology.

 Because NMT better captures the context of full sentences before translating them, it provides higher quality, more human-sounding, and more fluent translations.

Create your topics as planned in LingoBook.

Enter your chats either by typing or speech recorgnition.


Transliteration is crucial when studying languages with non-Latin characters like Chinese, Japanese, and others. It facilitates better pronunciation comprehension by converting them into Latin characters

Consequently, we’ve developed and applied transliteration modules to address this need.

Once you have at least 10 chats on any topic, Speech Assessment unlocks, which allows you to speak, fine-tune and improve your pronunciations.


Save yourself both time and stress. Your planned topicswords, and sentences in Spanish for instanceare also ready to use in FrenchItalianGerman etc. without writing a new one. Simply select from your available source text.

Wait! There is more. 😁😂

LingoYak also comes with a comprehensive suite of irresistible features to solidify your learning.

Each user gets 20 languages, excluding their first language.

You can transform your words and sentences either by typing your texts or speech Recognition (Keyboard and Voice Modes).

The best part? Your chats are uniquely saved in the cloud.

 For convenience and lesson revision, you can access your chat history and from any device or web browser. 

Simply login to your account from anywhere.

Typos in Topics or Chat text? Simply delete it.

bilingual dictionary

Dictionary words can be searched either by keyboard text input or voice search.

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