Nowadays, many smartphone users are often troubled by the insufficient built-in storage of their mobiles. Skybox portable SSD storage device does not require a computer or cable. It can back up your photos, videos, or music files only through Wi-Fi easily. Its size is similar to that of a credit card, making it super easy to carry around.

Today we are happy to receive a Skybox sample from the Skybox team. The campaign is still running on Indiegogo and delivery will be taken place in December. We are so excited that we could try it out earlier.

blocc package

The Skybox team sent us a 1TB version of Skybox.

purME review

The team shared the app to us via TestFlight

purME review

App downloaded

purME review

The first step is to connect Skybox Wi-Fi

After accessing Skybox, we can see there is around 1TB storage


Let’s try out the one-touch copy!

As we are not professional photographers, this Nikon V1 is what we have.

Inserted the SD card and pressed the one-touch copy button

The app can real-time monitor the progress of one touch back up, it takes about 2-3 seconds to back up 18 images with around 200Mb.

The green light’s on once the back up is completed.

We can preview RAW files with the app. This should be very convenient for professional photographers and videographers.

Only take a second to transfer the photos from iPhone to Skybox

Skybox speed test

Around 1200MB/s Read & Write Speed on MacBook Pro

All in all, we have a pretty good experience with the Skybox testing. Although it is just a sample we received today, we believe the finishing product would work better. Skybox is available in four models (512GB/ 1TB/ 2TB/ 4TB), catering to different needs and price points. No matter you are a mobile user who wants extra storage or a professional photographer who needs more secure for your work, Skybox would definitely suit your needs.

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