ProGrip: Reassuring Ergonomic Battery Grip for Mobile Phones

The ProGrip is not just evolutionary, it's a multifunctional Battery Grip that redefines mobile photography and videography.
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purME – A Gas Mask You Can Wear Everyday

Crystal-clear, light, comfortable and modular respirator to protect you against all threats.

MUTANT Tenkara Fly Rod: 3-Lengths, Full-Flex, & Soft

MUTANT zx380 Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod / Full-Flex, Adjustable to 3 Lengths (12.5ft, 11.5ft, 10.3ft), & a Soft Level Line Casting

PrintPods-The Most Advanced Handheld

The Permanent ink cartridge for long-lasting prints and creations, created by PrintPods

UVMask – Enjoy Breathing Air in Public Again

A patent-pending UV-C light air purification face mask filtering all pollutants, pathogens, dust, and allergens faster than

FLET | Tumbler with frozen stick inside for iced

Stainless steel tumbler/mug to keep the original taste and freshness. Make your favorite drink colder than any other mugs

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