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After more than 2 years of R&D by ZMH team, it is launching.ALL-IN-ONE FUNCTION GEL,One bottle of gel is enough to satisfy more than 10 manicure functions.Cost save,Don’t need to buy different functional gels in multiple bottles.

Can do manicure at home, save money and time.Removed easily,Just soak in 2% baking soda water for 1 minute to peel off easily.No need to remove the nail gel with an electric sander, sanding bar or chemical solvents.

DIY easily at home,Self made glittering gel, sticking diamond jewelry on nails, lengthening nails,etc.Change the nail shape at will and keep fingertips and toe tips beautiful.It has strong sticky and can last for a long time.Self repair of scratch on nail surface.Healthy and environment friendly ,Made from natural resin ingredients without harmful chemicals and pungent odor.Reduce mechanical and chemical harmful substances to damage fingers and toes.Close family relationship, heal heart, relieve mental pressure.Reduce packaging of similar products and conducive to environmental protection.For all love manicure lovers,It can be used by people of different ages, genders and regions, including pregnant women.Let’s enjoy color life.

  •  FUNCTION 1. FREE FROM GRINDING AND BINDING:Strong stickiness. No need to polish the nail surface.No use chemical bonding glue.Reduce the damage to the nail surface caused by chemical substances and mechanical polishing.
  •  FUNCTION 2. USED AS PRIMER GEL:A thin base is effective. Just five seconds.Protect nails healthily.No pungent odor.
  •  FUNCTION 3. USED AS REINFORCING GEL:Thicken nails to protect fragile nails.
  •   FUNCTION 4. USED AS EXTENSION GEL:Control the length of nails freely. Show the delicate and beautiful fingertips.Good strength and elasticity.
  •  FUNCTION 5. REPLACE THE STRONG CHEMICAL GLUE FOR STICKING DIAMOND:Dip a little gel with brush tip to stick a small diamond on the nail surface simply. One time shaping. No extra chemical glue required.It won’t fall off even if the diamond is scraped hard.
  •  FUNCTION 6.SELF REPAIRING NAIL SURFACE:Independent research and development,patented technology.ZMH gel maintains the elasticity between the molecules of the natural resin components.Not only wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, but also self-repair. When the nail surface is scratched, It can quickly fill and recover the worn parts by itself to keep the nail surface smooth. Other gels on the market are not comparable to it.
  •  FUNCTION 7. USED AS FANCY FAKE NAILS STICKING GEL:If you like fancy false nails, you can apply a thin layer of our ZMH gel, which can stick very firmly. Only 30 seconds.Protect nails without thick and heavy feeling.
  •  FUNCTION 8. USED AS SELF-MADE GLITTER GEL :ZMH gel can be used to make selfglitter gel. The glitter powder and colloid are mixed evenly and glossy. Change glitter powder of different colors at will. Dazzle with your heart!
  •  FUNCTION 9. USED AS WASH FREE MIRROR SEAL:ZMH gel can be used as a top coat gel.Only 60 seconds.Keep smooth and bright for a long time, no yellowing.(The product is not exclusive, but it is recommended to use ZMH series color gel).
  •  FUNCTION 10. SELF MADE NAIL DECORATION PARTS :Pour ZMH gel into models to make personalized nail art accessories,such as flowers, stars, moons, shells, and even small parts of kawaii. Only needs LED light cured for 60 seconds. Healing mood.
  •  1.Double-layer transparent acrylic PETG silver round box:It prevents the colloid from being cured by light&ensure stable performance, stylish, beautiful and easy to carry.
  •  2.Double head cured pen : It can assist in stirring and spreading colloid to make colloid spread easily and evenly.
  •  3.48W LED light :Quick curing nail gel in 30-60 seconds. Mild brightness,no eye damage, no black hand.Magnetic detachable bottom. It can be used for manicure of fingers and toes.
  • Step 1: gently clean the nail surface with a thin sponge to remove oil and sweat stains;
  • Step 2: apply a thin layer of ZMH All-In-One functional gel as base gel& binding, and light it with 48W LED lamp for 5 seconds;
  • Step 3: apply ZMH color gel twice, light it with 48W LED lamp for 30 seconds each time;
  • Step 4: dip in ZMH All-In-One functional gel ,stick the diamond or accessories on the nail surface;
  • Step 5: apply a thin layer of ZMH All-In-One functional gel as top coat, light it with 48W LED lamp for 60 seconds.The manicure is finished.

 The whole process of manicure is shortened by more than two-thirds compared with traditional manicure process by using ZMH ALL-IN-ONE FUNCTIONAL GEL, which saves the time of clients and improves the work efficiency of manicurists.

Relying on internationally advanced production equipment, superb scientific research team and nearly 20 years of industry experience, we provide customers with comprehensive and best quality services from raw materials, formulas, packaging materials selection to overall product design for beauty cosmetics OEM/ODM processing customers . The company has always been committed to a high degree of integration of technology and quality.

We always maintain the principle of “leading technology, excellent quality, customer first”, strictly implement the ISO quality management system, ensure product quality and pass rate, and ensure that we provide customers with multiple varieties, multiple series, and high-quality products. 

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