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ZIRUX Charger X: The 100W Fast Charger-Battery-Hub you need

100W Fast Charge Output GaN Technology | File Transfer with 2 USB-A and microSD Card Slot | 10,000mAh Capacity Power Battery Function
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Do you find having to bring your charger, power bank, and dongles while traveling a bother? Have you ever thought that a single product can replace them all?

Charger X can. Take care of all your Fast-charging and Data-transfer tasks with this new Charger-Battery-Hub! Embrace the convenience by backing this wonderful gadget today!

Introducing Charger X, the only 100W Fast Charger-Battery-Hub you need!

  • Replaces all your messy dongles 
  • Charges your devices up to 3 times faster with 100W PD fast charge tech 
  • Latest GaN Technology minimized size for traveling, FAA-approved for carry-on 
  • 3 charging ports for multiple-charging 
  • View, edit, copy and transfer your files quickly and safely on USB and micro SD/TF card 
  • Large 10,000mAh battery keeps your mobiles on for hours 
  • Travel-friendly plugs – charge all around the world 
  • Power output detection makes sure your devices are charged at optimal voltage 
  • Extra safety with multiple stages of protection systems against overcharging and shorts 

Charger X is the only 100W Fast Charger-Battery-Hub you need.

Replacing your USB hub, Laptop charger, 10,000 mAh power bank and travel adapter.

No more messy dongles and cables!!

Charger X has integrated the Power Delivery (PD) tech to further increase charging speed. With up to 100W output power, it can easily fast-charge demanding devices, including MacBook Pros, laptops and all iPads.

The latest GaN Technology uses Gallium Nitride (GaN), a new semiconductor material that enables Charger X to be smaller and more efficient. It has improved safety, capacity, performance and retains power better than any existing battery.

Charger X is equipped with a 100W PD USB-C 3.0 Power Delivery port and two 18W/ 15W USB-A 3.0/2.0 Qualcomm Quick Charge ports. You can easily fast-charge multiple devices at the same time.

Power Delivery (PD) fast charging is the recent technology that delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging. It is a specification for handling higher power and allows the most demanding devices to charge quickly over a USB connection.

With 3 USB Ports & 1 Micro SD/ TF Card slot, Charger X can transfer files rapidly. You can easily access your files by plugging in USB HDD, flash drive and Micro SD/TF card direct into Charger X.

Easy to back up your files when traveling. Give you extra spaces for your phones/ iPads/ cameras etc.

Charger X comes with a 10,000mAh battery, easily fully charges any mobile phone several times. It can also charge laptops, iPads, cameras and other digital gadgets. You can replace other chargers and power banks with it.

Charger X is compatible with most common devices, from the most demanding to the smallest ones. It will always be your support and back up all your power. The PD technology auto-detects different devices and charges as quickly as they allow. You don’t have to worry about damaging your device by over-currency.

Charger X can be used directly in over 150 countries with included plugs. Its interchangeable wall charging heads allow you to use it in most countries around the world! You will find it more convenient and secure than using travel-adapter with other chargers.

We have all seen power banks blowing up for various reasons. Setting fire to homes, causing a severe burn to the owner…

As convenience as they are, the battery inside a power bank can be volatile and dangerous if it is not properly designed. However, this will not happen with Charger X, as it is protected by 8 layers of fail-safe designs.

Charger X has built-in safety designs to cut off power when it gets overcharged, getting too hot or if short-circuiting takes place. At worst, you may have to send in your Charger X for warranty repair but it will never risk your connected devices.

We want to give you extra safety when using our product. We will perform different industrial tests. Certification marks are also applied to ensure we match the international standard.  

After performing various trials and testings, we finally produced our prototype of Power X.  Here, we share our success in completing one of our major milestones.

 project video thumbnail

100W Power Output Demonstration

 project video thumbnail

100W Laptop Charging Demonstration

 project video thumbnail

File Transfer Demonstration

 project video thumbnail

Multiple Charging Demonstration


What’s included in the package:

  • 1. Charger X 
  • 2. US/China Plug 
  • 3. EU Plug 
  • 4. UK Plug 
  • 5. AUS/NZ Plug 

We are ZIRUX, a team of professional engineers, designers and marketers who experienced in reinventing new products and bringing them to live. We would like to take this moment and special thanks to all backers from our previous Power X campaign. It was a great experience to have all your supports. Power X has finally come to the end and being shipped out to backers.

Guaranteed Shipping & Lifetime Warranty:

For this project, we will continue to keep our promise. Since we have already produced a fully-functioning prototype and tooling, we are confident to arrange the production and deliver on time.

Also, We are confident in the quality of Charger X and we want you to feel the same!

Therefore, we offer a warranty over the lifetime of Charger X. This means:

  • Any defect in the material and construction of the device will be covered 
  • All Charger X received by us for warranty will be repaired back to brand-new performance, and 
  • If it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a brand new or refurbished unit of the same model 
  • The high-quality battery of Charger X is designed to last 5 years under normal usage. We consider this as the lifetime of Charger X 
  • Accidental damage, abuse or general wear and tear that doesn’t affect use are not covered 
  • Warranty only covers Charger X in an original, unmodified condition. Opening up the shell or tampering of the device may void its warranty 
  • If your case is not covered by the above, we still encourage you to contact us as we can repair your Charger X outside of warranty, charging actual material and labor costs 

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