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YoBack | Stretch Your Back Anywhere With This Portable Tool

A versatile multi-use back pain product that you can take anywhere, home, work, or on vacation, for immediate pain relief.
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The YoBack is a one of a kind 3-piece wheel for aiding back and neck pain.

 Stretch whole your body.

It is the most versatile and portable back pain device available in the market today.

How the YoBack Helps Your Body

The YoBack gives you a full-body stretch, benefiting you from head to toe.

It can help with improving your posture which leads to a whole host of other advantages.


You spend about 2000 hours at work each year, which is a lot of time spent outside the house. Unfortunately, traditional workout accessories like foam rollers, lumbar stretchers and yoga wheels are solely designed for indoor usage.

The YoBack is a compact piece of equipment that can be easily stored in your backpack, at your home or at the office. It is also a great travel mate!

Don’t you wish you had your wheel or foam roller with you more? If so, level up with the YoBack.

Long haul flights can be excruciating, you’re cramped in a tiny seat, with your legs dangling down for hours. Simply keep the YoBack under your seat or in the overhead bins to offer easy stretching on a plane.

The YoBack fits in the overhead bins or under your seat for easy stretching on a plane.


The YoBack is comprised of 3 primary parts called YoBlocks and 2 sets of YoFeet. Using this patent-pending design there are tons of ways to alleviate discomfort with the YoBack. 

When you connect the YoFeet each YoBlock can be transformed into a standalone system. Seriously there is no restriction.

Get Incredible Relaxing Relief With Only 5-10 Minutes Of Use! 

The YoBack is so quick and easy to use that you can get instant benefits in minutes

It has been designed to align perfectly with the natural curvature of your spine, ankles and neck that provides pain relief in a matter of minutes.

Feel a relaxing wave of relief spread through your body even while you are busy with work.

The YoBack feels absolutely incredible! Whether you need a stretch in the morning, during or after work, whatever way you choose to use it – the result is a relaxing “ahhhhhhhh”

The YoBack does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is lie back and relax.

The Benefits Of Using The YoBack

Backaches and other back issues are often a result of impending tightness in certain areas of your body.

The versatility of YoBack helps dissipate tension from your entire body providing life-changing results to your health and wellbeing. 

4 out of 5 Of Americans Will Suffer From Back Pain In Their Life. 

We spend more than 6.5 hours seated in our chairs on a daily basis(1) Most of the time our posture is unhealthy leading to backaches in the near future. 

Are you seated right now? How is your posture?

Regular use of the YoBack can help to improve your posture.  

Place the YoBack behind you when seated to help maintain proper posture

Back pain has been cited by the CDC as one of the primary causes of worldwide disability. (2)

Choose not to be a part of this statistic. Make the YoBack a lifestyle choice for your long-term well-being.

Many of the things we do in our everyday lives can cause back pain

Save Money And Time On Therapy

Why should you choose the YoBack over professional help through therapy sessions like physiotherapy, chiropractors and massages?

Therapy sessions are helpful and effective. However, they can get expensive in terms of both time and money. 

Cost Comparison

 The YoBack is a great one-off, risk-free alternative. 

How To Use The YoBack

The device comes ready to use straight from its box. Start by using the YoBlocks as a neck and lumbar stretch first to get the pressure you desire and then move on to the full wheel. 

Connecting the full wheel straight from the box takes a few seconds.

Our YoFeet slide onto the bottom of each piece (known individually as YoBlocks) and are locked into place.

The lumbar stretch is my favourite! It really feels AWESOME!

We often crane our necks from staring at our phones or typing at our desks. Let gravity fix that for you.

Why Is The YoBack Superior To Other Back Stretching Products?

YoBack is sustainable, strong, lightweight and portable.

A non-slip rubber mat, locking system, and antibacterial durable cork mat add to its charm.

The YoBack is strong, so you can be sure it won’t break under your weight! 

The YoBack is the most portable and cost-efficient back and neck pain solution ever!

All from one product and not 10 different ones. 

How the YoBack compares with other back pain products

Before the YoBack these were the products I used on a regular basis. Now I only use the YoBack!

Suitable For All

The YoBack is designed for everyone to use. No matter your height, weight age or job, the YoBack can fit your lifestyle

What You’ll Get With Your Order

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