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YesWelder FIRSTESS™ MP200 5-in-1 Welder & Cutter

Make your dream projects a reality with a versatile machine for MIG, FCAW, MMA, TIG welding and plasma cutting. Right from your home.
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It’s finally here. The versatile welding machine designed for DIY projects. Giving you the power to build anything, right from home.

The MP200 is a powerful 5-in-1 machine that combines the four most popular types of welding and plasma cutting into one lightweight package. Made for your home or workshop, it opens up a world of possibilities – at a price point that would have been impossible before.

We are YesWelder. And we’re on a mission to make welding accessible to everyone by bringing industrial-grade technologies into a consumer-grade machine. For the past 15 years, we’ve been focused on manufacturing high-quality welding machines and equipment for professional welders and enthusiasts around the world.

The DIY hobbyists of the world have exciting projects in mind, and they want to build them right where they live – home. Whether it’s a new stool for the kitchen, or a firepit for the backyard that everyone can gather around on a Saturday night. And what better time to start than now?

What’s wrong with today’s welders?

The problem is that most welders today are very limiting. They can only handle one or two types of welding. And they almost never include plasma cutting. That means you’ll need several expensive machines just for one project. It’s a waste of money, patience, or shelf space.

This makes welding seem out of reach for beginners, causing them to delay their dream projects or forget about them entirely. We’re here to change all that.

The MP200 is the most versatile 5-in-1 welding machine specially designed for home DIY or maintenance projects. It’s a true multi-process welder, so whether you’re welding MIG, Flux-Cored, TIG, or MMA, or cutting through a new piece of metal, it will perform like a Pro.

The answer is simple. You can use just one tool to get endless jobs done! That’s the beauty of 5-in-1.

*Disclaimer: The pictures above represent welding project ideas that can be fabricated using the MP200. They are not made using the MP200. The list is not exhaustive, and we look forward to seeing more creations.

As the easiest style of welding to learn, MIG welding is especially popular with home welders for its excellent control on thin metals. Built especially for home use, the MP200 uses a synergic control mechanism when performing MIG welds. That means when you set the current, the MP200 will automatically match the voltage and wire feeding speed for you, making it really simple to use.

Loved for its versatility, MMA welding can be done even under windy outdoor conditions. The MP200 even allows you to use those tricky 6010 rods to build yourself a sturdy shop stool or mend fences around the property — no matter the weather, and no gas tank required.

If you’re looking for an unbreakable bond, the security of flux-cored welding is hard to beat. It’s great for handling thicker metals, so it will have no problem mending your machinery or helping get that motorcycle on the road after you finish repairs.

TIG welders hide hours of work behind beautiful welds that look clean and precise. We went above and beyond to equip the MP200 with a lift start for TIG that’s been optimized to reduce spatter, offering you a smoother weld and greater control in a more user friendly design.

Need to resize a piece of metal for your motorcycle frame? Cut through anything all on the same machine. The MP200’s plasma cutter will cleanly slice through steel and can sever up to 1/2” (12.7mm) steel. Giving you perfectly flat edges to work with — without ever switching tools.

The MP200’s 4.3’’ high-pixel display puts everything you need on one big, bright, colorful screen. Making it easy on the eyes, and easy-to-use even for beginners.

And switching between welding styles and plasma cutting is simple. Just turn the dial to select the full color icon you need. The images are intuitive and easy to recognize, so it’s always clear which style you’ve selected. And you can easily choose your gas type and clearly monitor gas levels.

The MP200 is the most user-friendly welder we’ve made yet – smart enough to know which settings you need for the job. Just input your material thickness and gas type, and the MP200 will adjust the current and voltage settings for you. Making it the perfect guide if you’re new to welding or starting a project you’re unsure of.

And if you’re a seasoned welder, you can ditch the cruise control by overriding default current and voltage settings and revert to manual for greater control over your welds.

The MP200 makes your work even simpler with its smart Memory function. Once you find the voltage and current settings that match your style, the MP200 will remember them, storing up to 10 memory options for each type of welding. Keep your favorite settings on tap for next time you put the gloves on.

A safer, smarter chip. The MP200’s processor is focused on your safety, as well as your performance. If it senses the machine is getting too hot or there’s too much current, the M200 will automatically cut off the power supply, protecting your work and keeping you safe.

For powerful, creative projects. The MP200 is equipped with our most efficient high-frequency transformer. Tailor made to give you a fast and stable current for smoother, cleaner welds. It runs at 110V or 220V, so it’s ready for work on any continent from North America to Europe.

And we’ve upgraded the MP200 to include not one, but two high-speed fans that use a seven-leaf design to silently keep your machine cool. Even when it’s running hard.

At a comfortable 25lbs, the MP200 is designed to put enough power in your hands to tackle any project from home. And light enough to move with you from project to project.

But don’t let its weight fool you. The MP200’s steel unibody construction is tough enough to handle life in any workshop and can even withstand an accidental drop. We built it strong, so you can count on it to be there for your projects for years to come.

We want you to be ready for work on Day 1. So we’re giving you everything you need to start welding right away, all in one box. From welding and cutting torches to the oil-water separator, and more.


This is the unedited demo video that demonstrates the full range of our product’s functionality without any post-production edit.

The YesWelder journey started in 2006 with a mission to provide high quality welding equipment to those who love and practice the craft. Drawing on their decade’s worth of industry experience, our 5 founders started manufacturing high-performance tools and used third-party platforms to establish a presence within the welding community.

As we continued to build our foundation, we realized how important it was to not just manufacture quality equipment but also to understand those who need, use and buy our products. That’s why, in 2018, we transformed YesWelder into a Direct to Consumer brand. This change allowed us to develop meaningful and long-lasting connections with our end users. With their feedback, we have been able to craft even better products that speak to their real-life needs.


You can refer to the Specifications section for the detailed item list of consumables packs. Please note that the reward tier with the consumables pack is only available to US, UK, CA & AU due to logistics limitations. Enjoy a higher discount if you buy a second one.


Free shipping for all add-ons. Please note that currently the add-ons are only available in US, UK, CA & AU. After you choose the reward tier of the MP200, you will have the option to buy the add-ons on the next page.

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