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Woosh: Transform your home's HVAC into a smart air purifier

The new solution for cleaner indoor air
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An Air Quality Monitor & Smart Air Filter that work together to automatically protect your entire home’s air.

Woosh actively monitors air quality and when paired with a Nest or Ecobee Smart Thermostat, automatically circulates filtered air when air quality is poor.  

Room purifiers do not solve the problem of air quality for the entire home. In-room air purifiers are simply band aid fixes while the real solution is using the HVAC system to purify air your whole household.

Ever wondered how clean your air really is? Just like your thermostat measures the temperature of your air, the Woosh Air Quality Monitor (AQM) continuously monitors your home’s indoor air quality. When the air needs cleaning, the AQM automatically protects your home’s air by turning on the HVAC fan to filter the air.

The biggest problem with most HVAC filters is that you don’t know when they actually need to be changed. Too often and you’re throwing money away. Not often enough and you risk catastrophic damage to your system. Woosh smart filters take the guesswork out of knowing when to change. 

Nearly all filters are still the same cardboard pleated, throwaway design. Woosh’s reusable frame is an investment, it has:

  •  pull tabs for easy removal
  •  gasketing around the edge to create an optimal seal
  •  magnets on the backside that secure it during ceiling & wall installations
  •  integrated sensors and wireless connectivity

Woosh uses MERV 13 rated filters. These are recommended by the CDC and EPA to mitigate against spread of COVID-19 and remove wildfire smoke. 

Woosh filters have twice the filter material when compared to conventional cardboard filters leading to 30% lower pressure drop and higher air flow

Our filters are 3rd party tested to meet MERV 13 ASHRAE 52.2 standards.

Whether for remote monitoring an investment property, protecting your family from Covid and wildfires, or just having a convenient way to improve your allergies, Woosh’s patent pending system is the solution.

Woosh packs the brains directly into the filter.  Set up your filter and Woosh will do the rest automatically. You’ll know it’s time to change your filter when a new one arrives at your door.

Woosh auto replenishment automatically reorders a filter insert when your current filter is full. No more wondering if it’s time to change, remembering to buy a new filter and trying not to forget to change the old one. When you need a new filter, Woosh gets one right to your door.

Most cardboard filters don’t fit in the garbage bin. Woosh filters fold up neatly trapping the harmful contaminants. Then simply toss in any garbage bin! No more crushing filters and getting a plume of dust in your face! 

Over 100 million disposable filters end up in our landfills every year. Woosh’s reusable frame reduces waste and we’re currently researching ways to recycle the filter insert so that we can further reduce our impact.

Woosh is designed to be simple and easy to use. Taking just minutes to set up, Woosh’s patent pending design will save you time and effort while constantly protecting the air you breathe.

The higher a filter’s MERV rating, the more bad stuff it can catch. Most filters are MERV 6 because most higher grade filters like MERV 13 fill up too quickly and make it too hard for your HVAC system to breathe.

Because they catch more contaminants in the air, MERV 13 filters can fill quickly. Without monitoring, a clogged filter can become a restriction that can catastrophically damage your HVAC system. Woosh’s patent-pending filter design breathes more easily and the real-time monitoring allows you to use MERV 13 grade filters on any HVAC system safely.

The Woosh app makes it easy to learn more about your air quality and how best to manage it. The app provides up to date information on outdoor and indoor air quality in addition to the status of your filter.


The Woosh MERV 13 filter costs $20 with free shipping and will be available through the Woosh App, our website and with  auto replenishment you never have to think about ordering again.

Due to the global logistics environment, we will not charge shipping during the campaign. We will know the exact shipping prices when the campaign is finished. We expect the shipping prices to be free for the US and $25 to Canada for 1 x Woosh Smart Air Package.

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