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WizeeHome- A New Generation of Foldable Baking Tray

Safe,non-stick, multifunctional, microwave save, food storage, foldable baking tray with silicone lid
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While most baking trays and food storage containers on the market are bulky, space-consuming, and difficult to use, WizeeHome does more than anything of the kind. It’s foldable, has a safe and flexible silicone lid, and can survive low fridge temperatures down to -20ºC and high oven heats of up to 230ºC. WizeeHome locks in the freshness to keep every meal just as crisp as the day you made it!

 Do you have these  worries about traditional bakeware? It is difficult to clean, unable to  sort grilled food, and more plastic wrap is wasted to store food.

Heat-resistant Baking tray

WizeeHome is a foldable multifunctional storage box for food(heat-resistant baking tray, food container and food storage). It is carefully engineered using FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, with a safe and non-stick build that you can pop food into directly. It is your new kitchen companion when cooking, baking, microwaving, and everything in-between! Lock in the freshness, use it to make ice…the possibilities are endless!

Food Storage

Food Container

You can even use WizeeHome as a lunch-box, ice-making tray, cake-baking tray…this is versatility at its finest!

 WizeeHome brings a whole new world of convenience to the concept of bakeware. Measuring in at just 45 mm high when unfolded – and only 16 mm thick when folded – WizeeHome is slimmer than a smartphone when packed away!

The WizeeHome can stand as high as 230°C. you can definitely put multiple trays into the oven together and bake different food with different time and temperature, which will make the food more delicious and save a lot of time.

Thanks to WizeeHome’s FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, you can slip the container right into the microwave. Why not try putting different food in different trays to guarantee even cooking across the board – literally? As long as the lid’s air valve is open, you don’t need to worry about flimsy cling wrap driving you crazy.

WizeeHome’s silicone lid keeps your food just as fresh as the day you made it. Simply pop the top on and slip WizeeHome in to the fridge – or in the freezer if you want to use WizeeHome to make ice that pops out with ease!

With WizeeHome’s full-coverage lid design, you never have to worry about liquids seeping out and leaving tough-to-remove stains in your fridge, microwave, or oven. This means you can even store milk or soup in your WizeeHome!

With anti-burn handles installed on either side of WizeeHome, you can easily and safely move it around the house without worrying about nasty surprises.

Cling film isn’t only annoying – it’s also a single-use plastic that’s incredibly harmful to the planet. With WizeeHome’s lid that’s infinitely reusable, you can sleep easier at night knowing you’re not filling up landfills with wasteful clingfilm every time you cook!

When unfolded, WizeeHome can hold 1.4 kg of food or liquid. Even if you stack multiple WizeeHome boxes together, you never need to worry about one box squashing the contents of another – each is built to be tough as nails.

Whether you’re taking leftovers to the office or spoiling the family to a picnic this weekend, WizeeHome will get your food to and from its destination safely and securely.

Non-stick silicone is a treasured material worldwide, loved for how easy and effortless it is to clean. Any stains can be rinsed away in moments with a little water, but you can pop it in the dishwasher too.

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