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WasteReviver: Kitchen Composter with UVC Light Sanitizer

Fast Compost in 2Hrs.|Built-in UVC Light Sanitizer|Reduce Waste Volume by 90%|Odor-free|Child-Safe Lock| Dishwasher Safe
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Taking care of our planet and replenishing the earth for the next generation is a responsibility that we all share. One of the most essential solutions for sustainability is composting.

Composting is the process of recycling organic material into applicable products such as organic soil, mulch, and compost. When it comes to making composting easy, WasteReviver is the simple, elegant, modern solution. WasteReviver turns otherwise wasted resources like food scraps, leaves, and paper into nutrient-rich soil that is perfect for gardens or plants. Fast, simple, and clean, it’s the ideal kitchen composter for you and your family.

WasteReviver is the hand of Midas that turns trash into treasure. Instead of throwing trash in the bin which adds to our already overburdened landfills, WasteReviver is able to divert that waste and convert it into an important, nutrient-rich, soil-building compost. This ‘black gold’ is an incredible way of reducing your environmental footprint.

 WasteReviver is designed with efficiency in mind. Its high-performance design reduces the risk of odor generation while its UVC light sanitizes within seconds, even when the power is not on. Also, you can turn off the UVC light manually for the needs of your use. Save your family from overwhelming smells and enjoy a cleaner kitchen space with WasteReviver!

Composting teaches kids how the environment works which is an incredible way to raise their awareness and appreciation for the earth. Composting with WasteReviver is super easy using its 6 key controls and the process can be a great learning experience for kids. Of course, to prioritize the safety of children, there is a child-safe lock button for protection and safe use.

Simply throw kitchen food scraps, and napkins into WasteReviver.

Press the intuitive power button to turn on and make the journey start!

Turn on the grinder and the food waste will be converted into perfectly fresh soil. Sit back and let WasteReviver do its magic.

The nutrient-rich compost soil produced by WasteReviver can be used for your indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, and gardens!

 The natural composting process can take months or even years to reach perfection. The good news is, with WasteReviver, you never need to wait that long. By utilizing an intelligent heating system, WasteReviver is able to accelerate the composting process with the optimal temperature, which destroys weeds, pathogens, and harmful bacteria. Don’t wait a year, a month, or a day – WasteReviver converts your kitchen scraps and food waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment in less than 2 hours.

 Typically, when the compost gets compacted or too wet, it will start to smell bad. Even under optimal conditions, composting creates some odor. However, with the embedded carbon filter of WasteReviver, it helps to trap unpleasant odors from food waste naturally and effectively so your kitchen is always fresh!

 Regardless of what kind of food scraps are placed inside, whether it’s meat, fruits, vegetables, or dairy products, WasteReviver offers an effective and efficient way to reduce refuse and eliminate waste that otherwise goes in the garbage or down the sink. With its large 3L capacity, composting with WasteReviver can significantly reduce the amount of waste volume by up to 90%.

 Overheated compost piles can kill beneficial microbes, reducing their nutrient value. WasteReviver on the other hand has solved this problem by automatically monitoring and optimizing the temperature of the compost. After completion of composting and a 5-minute effective cooling down process, your nutrient-rich, natural soil compost is ready for use!

The clean-up process for WasteReviver is almost effortless, you simply disassemble the inner container and rinse it in the sink! Or just put the inner container in your dishwasher for an easy clean!

Featuring a minimalist, aesthetic design, you will fall in love with WasteReviver at the very first glance. Its sleek, rounded corners and pleasing white color complement any kitchen decor so it looks great on every countertop.

WasteReviver employs ultra-quiet operation as low as 25dB, making it sound like someone whispering from 5 feet away so that you will never be disturbed as WasteReviver does its work. 


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