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Ultrasona: Ultrasonic Cleaning in the Palm of Your Hand

The Ultimate Everyday Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Say goodbye to scrubbing, scouring, buffing, and polishing. Ultrasona uses the power of ultrasonic waves to make cleaning easier than ever. In minutes, Ultrasona can clean just about anything down to a microscopic level, totally hands-free. Safe, portable, and family-friendly, Ultrasona will change the way you clean. 

Ultrasona uses the power of sound to clean your stuff more effectively than any washing machine. It pulses 50,000 sound waves per second through water, creating microscopic shock waves that eliminate 99.9% of dirt, stains, and bacteria

This technology has been used in hospitals and factories for years, and it’s completely safe. Now, Ultrasona is putting the power of a better, healthier clean into the palm of your hand. 

Ultrasona can clean pretty much anything. Tools, work boots, vinyl, watches, paintbrushes, toothbrushes, and anything else you can fit into a basin of water. The go-anywhere clean-everything tool, Ultrasona helps you live a cleaner, safer, and easier life.

To thank you for supporting our campaign, we are offering an exclusive discount to our Kickstarter backers. Once this campaign ends, you’ll never see these prices again — so get yours now!

How does Ultrasona deliver such a thorough clean? The science behind it is called ultrasonic cavitation, and it works like this.

Ultrasona pulses 50,000 invisible sound waves per second through water. The resulting reverberations cause extreme pressure changes in the water and create microscopic bubbles. The bubbles bind to surfaces and infiltrate the tiniest cracks and creases where dirt hides. But, the bubbles are super tiny and volatile, so they soon implode, causing a shock wave powerful enough to blast even the toughest grime and stains off of your stuff. In fact, the shock wave is so strong that it even eliminates 99.9% of microscopic contaminants like bacteria. This entire process is invisible to the eye and completely safe for you and your belongings.

Ultrasonic cavitation technology has been used by the military and in industrial settings for years but never before has it put into the palm of your hand quite like this.


What do you think happens to all the bacteria and viruses on your dirty clothes after going through the wash? Hundreds of millions of them find a new home in your washing machine, just waiting to be swirled and spun around with your next load. Studies show laundry straight out of the wash can contain bacteria and viruses like E. coli, Staph, Salmonella, and dozens more. These invisible contaminants can directly result in illnesses, acne, eczema, and asthma attacks.

Ultrasona guarantees a microscopic clean, eliminating 99.9% of visible and invisible contaminants and grime every time. Not only does it sterilize your belongings and protect your health, but it can also clean your delicates without risk of damage or discoloration. With Ultrasona, you’ll never have to worry about fading, bleeding colors, relentless stains, stretching, or handwashing ever again.

According to The Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health, rinsing your produce is NOT an effective way to wash away pesticide residue.

Pesticides lurking on your food are highly resistant to cleaning and are invisible to the naked eye. The only way to know for sure that your food is fresh and contaminant-free is to cleanse it at a microscopic level with Ultrasona.

Ultrasona cleans fruits and vegetables in minutes, giving you peace of mind and a healthier lifestyle.

If you suffer from breakouts, allergies, brain fog, or often feel under the weather, it might be because of germs hiding around your home. 

Personal hygiene items are hard to clean, so most of us just don’t do it (when’s the last time you cleaned your toothbrush?). With Ultrasona, you can sterilize your hygiene products in minutes, protecting your health and improving your skin. 

Baby bottles, sippy cups, and toys contain some of the most bacteria of anything in your home. And where do they end up as soon as your baby gets ahold of them? Right in their mouth.

The tiny holes and crevices in baby products are extremely difficult to clean, and because they are often full of saliva, they offer germs the perfect growing conditions.

Babies are especially vulnerable to serious illness from contaminants.

With Ultrasona, you can keep harmful bacteria and viruses away from your baby without having to scrub, boil, and wash.

Nothing can stand against the might of ultrasonic technology. Invisible but powerful, Ultrasona delivers the cleanest clean you’ll never see. Clean virtually anything with 99.9% effectiveness and live a healthier life. 

Nothing can escape Ultrasona’s ultrasonic waves. Through the process of ultrasonic cavitation, Ultrasona’s waves clean at a microscopic level, infiltrating creases and cracks and eliminating contaminants invisible to the human eye. Eliminate all traces of unwanted dirt, grime, bacteria, mold, stains, and more from anything and enjoy a clean you’ve never seen.  

Ultrasona cleans deeper than your washer, but they are also much gentler. Ultrasona never comes into physical contact with what it cleans, so there is no risk of stretching, tearing, fading, or tangling. The ultrasonic frequency has no effect whatsoever on the quality or dye of the fabric or any other object you’re cleaning, making it much safer for your stuff than even the gentlest machine cycle or hand wash.

You’re on a business trip and you get mustard on your best tie. You’re hiking through South America and there’s no washing machine in sight. What do you do? 

With Ultrasona, you’ll never have to make an emergency run to the mall or deal with dirty, smelly clothes again. Lightweight and less than 5 inches long, Ultrasona easily fits in any bag, purse, briefcase, or backpack. Never miss the big meeting or the next adventure. Travel clean and feel great with Ultrasona.

Does your washing machine clean apples? We didn’t think so. Ultrasona operates as much more than just a laundry washing alternative. It cleans fruits, vegetables, accessories like glasses and jewelry. It also works great to wash those pesky, hard-to-clean items like baby bottles, carafes, razors, and more.

Mother Nature is Ultrasona’s biggest backer. Going ultrasonic reduces your water consumption by 40x and energy consumption by 15x compared to traditional washing. Just by using Ultrasona once a week, you could save your annual water consumption by more than 10,000 gallons and your carbon footprint by hundreds of pounds!

A cleaner you, a cleaner home, a cleaner planet. The future of cleaning technology must be built around a dedication to sustainability, and Ultrasona is proud to be at the forefront of green innovation.

Ultrasona was designed with people’s busy schedules in mind. There are times where you can’t always be at home or in the kitchen to keep watch of your Ultrasona to turn it on or off.

The pre-set feature can control when to start and stop your portable cleaner automatically. Ultrasona can also be started manually if desired, and the automatic controls will take over the task of turning Ultrasona off.

This ensures a safe operation when you are out traveling or away from home.

Simply enter a time, and Ultrasona will automatically turn on when it hits the right time and start cleaning.


We’ve been working on the Ultrasona for nearly 2 years now. We’ve already invested in the R&D and have secured both the manufacturing and fulfillment processes to guarantee shipping. We’ve even done a multiple small batch manufacturing tests to be precise on our production costs and timeline. This is why we have such a low target goal. We are ready for any size order, whether it’s 50 units or 5,000 units or 10,000 units.

Our team has been hard at work and are excited to bring the most revolutionary portable cleaning device ever made into reality.

Ultrasona was established to be a global innovator in ultrasonic technology. Our team of engineers, designers, and innovators strive to create new standards of cleanliness and sustainability that meet the needs of modern consumers. With a focus on R&D and quality control, Ultrasona delivers only the highest quality products to customers around the globe.

Ultrasona was developed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen by a diverse team of experts from around the world. Dedicated to putting high-tech solutions in the palm of your hand, our team will never stop pushing boundaries and changing the way the world cleans.

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