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Ultrahuman Home: The Future of Healthy Living

Ultrahuman, a pioneer in wearable tech, launches Ultrahuman Home, a cutting-edge invention that revolutionizes home health.
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Introducing Ultrahuman Home, the future of healthy living. 

Unveiled at CES 2024, Ultrahuman Home revolutionises the home tech segment. With personalised home health monitoring, you can now continuously track and enhance the health of your living spaces.

Understanding the Impact on Individual Health

Ultrahuman Home addresses the often-overlooked aspect of the living environment in the overall health stack. The sleek yet powerful device will provide insights into your external environment including exposure to artificial & natural light, air quality, humidity and noise levels.

It’s a first for the wearable space to leverage home health data and correlate the home environment (humidity, air quality, temperature) to your lifestyle (sleep, stress).

Personalizing or changing these markers’ basis recommendations from the Ultrahuman Home platform will help improve the passive factors that affect your health. Passive markers like PM, CO2 and temperature are important because of their impact on health compounds over time.

Advantage over regular home health monitors

Regular home health monitors measure many markers like PM, humidity, temperature etc but don’t provide a longitudinal view of how these markers change over time. This is especially important when interpreted in the context of their impact on health. This view and correlation with your health markers is the first time ever in the health tracking space and has the potential to change the lives of millions of people who could benefit by making these changes to their living environments.


The early support from the Kickstarter community for the Ultrahuman Ring and Ultrahuman Ring AIR inspires us to create products in the preventive health space through lifestyle interventions to achieve better health outcomes.

Ultrahuman has successfully raised close to 1 million USD with 3135 backers, exceeding its funding goal by 2526% with a close to 100% delivery rate.


Ultrahuman is working towards a healthier future, filled with cleaner air

A uniquely imagined aero-flow design promotes airflow in the Ultrahuman Home to detect harmful particles from Pollen, PM 1, PM 2.5 to PM 10, and promote healthier breathing.

Exposure to pollen, particularly from birch, exacerbates respiratory issues in people with allergic asthma, especially when combined with air pollution. Birch pollen reduces lung efficiency and overall respiratory flow. Consequently, pollen allergies significantly impact public health and well-being.

Formaldehyde (HCHO)
A colourless and flammable gas, Formaldehyde (HCHO) has a distinct odour that you can even smell at very low concentrations. It is a common air pollutant that’s known to irritate a person’s eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. It causes wheezing, cough, rashes or triggers an asthma attack, even at low concentrations.

Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde is harmful, making it among the 187 hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is widely used in building materials (glues, insulation, paints, lacquers, etc) and personal care products (some shampoos, soaps, hair care products, body washes, and nail polish) among others. 

Research suggests that a formaldehyde indoor air limit of 0.1 ppm should protect even particularly susceptible individuals from both irritation effects and any potential health hazard.

Ultrahuman Home continuously monitors formaldehyde levels in your living space and sends timely nudges when the levels cross the recommended threshold. It also provides insights into your home to take corrective measures towards these imbalances.

Particulate Matter (PM)
PM includes various airborne solids and liquids that can form further pollutants. Classified by size into PM 1, PM 2.5, and PM 10, these particles pose inhalation risks: PM 10 affects the airways, while PM 2.5 and PM 1 reach deeper into the lungs. Prolonged exposure to PM is linked to significant respiratory and cardiovascular damage and other chronic conditions.

With IFTTT protocols, Home can sync up with your smart air purifiers which use carbon filters inside to absorb and eliminate Formaldehyde, PM and other pollutants in indoor air. With a plethora of insights, the Ultrahuman Home helps you improve the air quality of the environment you live in. 


Developed for spaces you and your family spend the most time in, Ultrahuman Home monitors the health of your kid’s room, your office, and your bedroom. Regardless of the space you choose to place it in, Ultrahuman Home will help track various markers to help you with a deeper insight into your home health.

Ultrahuman Home’s unique capability called ‘Ultra Spaces’, effectively ties together data from all these different environments. You can set up ‘Spaces’ such as a “living room”, “bedroom” or “office”, allowing you to differentiate between different environments effortlessly all in the Ultrahuman app.

With a designated ‘Space Score’, you can gain a comprehensive view of the space’s health, or delve into each contributing marker and optimize them.


Ultrahuman Home utilizes continuous temperature tracking for enhancing sleep efficiency and regulating circadian rhythm. As your body’s core temperature fluctuates throughout the day and cools down during bedtime, maintaining an optimal bedroom temperature is crucial. This is because your core temperature is directly linked to your sleep quality.

Temperature imbalances, either too high or too low, can disrupt sleep leading to increased wakefulness, decreased REM sleep, and poor sleep efficiency. Such disruptions can result in waking up tired and feeling groggy throughout the day. They are associated with an increased risk of obesity and other diseases.

To counteract these issues, Ultrahuman Home comes equipped with ultra-sensitive temperature sensors that can indicate whether the room is too hot or too cold. Given the strong link between external and internal body temperatures for sleep, even small changes in skin temperature can significantly affect sleep onset latency.

By analyzing the external temperature, Ultrahuman Home helps improve rest and enhance sleep efficiency. It provides insights into the room’s temperature, suggests the ideal temperature that needs to be maintained and recommends actionable ways to achieve a good night’s sleep. 


Exposure to blue light during the day can have positive effects on your alertness and cognitive function, providing a natural boost to your mood and productivity. This is largely due to its ability to stimulate the brain and reduce feelings of fatigue.

However, this energizing effect of blue light can become problematic when exposure occurs during the night hours. At night, blue light can disrupt the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep. Studies have consistently shown that nighttime exposure to blue light can inhibit melatonin production, leading to difficulties in falling asleep and a decrease in overall sleep quality.

Blue light exposure at night can disrupt your circadian rhythm.

With blue light exposure sensors within Ultrahuman Home, managing your exposure to blue light has never been easier. By tracking and managing your blue light exposure, you can foster a healthier sleep-wake cycle and improve your well-being.


Exposure to light within the first hour of waking has been found to have numerous health benefits. It plays a crucial role in setting your circadian rhythm – your body’s internal clock that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Natural light exposure also elevates your mood, giving you a positive start to your day. It helps improve your metabolism, making you more energetic and productive. Furthermore, it enhances sleep efficiency, making your sleep more restful and rejuvenating.

Ultrahuman Home features built-in photo-detecting sensors for spectra of UV light that monitor UVA, UVB, and UVC. This groundbreaking technology is engineered for your home to help you identify your light exposure.

With Ultrahuman Home, you can measure natural light levels within your living space. This allows you to foster better environments that are conducive to your sleep-wake cycle.



Throughout our daily lives, we are constantly bombarded with a plethora of unintended disturbances that manifest during both daytime and nighttime hours. These disturbances, often in the form of environmental noise, can have a profound impact on our stress levels by causing a notable increase in our cortisol levels.

In particular, exposure to noise during our sleep can lead to significant disturbances, which can adversely affect the overall quality of our sleep and lead to feelings of daytime sleepiness. This is a critical issue as noise variables and noise sensitivity are estimated to contribute to about 12% of the total variance in our sleep efficiency.

This imbalance in our sleep stages, caused by noise disturbances, leads to an increased amount of time spent in the “Awake Stage” and a reduced amount of time spent in the “REM Stage”. The REM stage of sleep is crucial for cognitive functions such as learning and memory, and disturbances in this stage can have far-reaching effects on our mental health.

These disturbances can significantly hamper the recovery process that sleep provides, leading to frequent nighttime awakenings and feelings of grogginess upon waking in the morning.

With Ultrahuman Home, you can now understand your optimal noise band during the day and the night. With deep research into ideal ambient noise bands, we have developed a range for a calmer environment to live in.


Ultrahuman Home comes with precision mics, a groundbreaking ability to detect when you’re snoring. This capability uncovers possible sleep apnea events that can happen while you’re asleep.

Early detection and tracking of this condition are paramount in warding off potential chronic breathing irregularities. Research has conclusively drawn a significant correlation between snoring, oxygen saturation levels in the blood at night, and the severity of obstructive sleep apnea.

Ultrahuman Home recognises distinct sound patterns, allowing you to detect snoring and seek early intervention.

Please note: Ultrahuman does not claim to cure sleep apnea and other illnesses. For a diagnosis, please consult a medical professional.


We understood early in our research that mics were a privacy concern for some.

Hence, we introduced a physical cut-off button on the device to ensure that you have full control of your privacy. Even when the mic is active, the audio processing is conducted directly on the device, guaranteeing that your data remains locally processed and secured.

Privacy is just the way it should be. 


Ultrahuman Home comes with airplane mode. With airplane mode, you can govern your exposure to WiFi and Bluetooth, enabling or disabling them when you want. Airplane mode is a physical cut-off button at the back of the device.

All your markers are tracked when airplane mode is turned on, and they are synced as soon as you turn it off. This allows you to access all your markers without the concern of exposure to WiFi or Bluetooth signals. 


The Ultrahuman Home uses breakthrough air-sensing technology to monitor key health markers like humidity, ensuring a healthier breathing environment for you and your loved ones.

Balanced indoor humidity, ideally between 40-60%, is crucial for lung health. Staying within this range helps maintain optimal lung function. Low humidity can dry out lung airways, impairing mucus clearance and increasing the risk of respiratory infections. Conversely, high humidity can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold, worsening conditions such as COPD and asthma.

Ultrahuman Home helps you monitor and improve indoor humidity levels, using methods like air conditioning, natural airflow, humidifiers, and plants etc to maintain a healthy indoor environment.


Elevated levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the body can significantly impair respiration and overall health, disrupting vital bodily functions and potentially causing long-term issues. High CO2 levels also reduce focus and cognitive performance, which is critical in work and study spaces.

Common indoor sources of CO include oil, gas, or kerosene heaters, gas stoves, combustion appliances, and tobacco smoke. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends keeping CO levels below 9-10 ppm for up to 8 hours, and below 25-35 ppm for up to 1 hour. For CO2, maintaining indoor levels between 350 to 1000 ppm is ideal to avoid health problems.

The Ultrahuman Home monitors and optimizes air quality to maintain ideal CO/CO2 ratios in the air, ensuring your living space promotes healthy respiration and cognitive function.


Ultrahuman Home’s aero-flow design comes equipped with smoke detection that helps identify the presence of smoke in your home and sounds timely alert on your phone. Every second is crucial in an emergency, with smoke detection implement your emergency protocols and take steps towards your family’s safety.


Introducing UltraSync, the first-ever unified view of your internal and external markers.

With the revolutionary UltraSync technology, access a powerful combination of your internal and external worlds using the Ultrahuman Ring and the Ultrahuman Home.

Ultrahuman’s correlations between both devices provide an in-depth view of your surroundings and their effects on your sleep. For instance, UltraSync will gauge the increment in your REM sleep due to an optimal room temperature. Or through snore detection, understand the effects of snoring on your nocturnal SpO2 levels.

With its on-body, off-body capability, UltraSync revolutionizes the way you track your markers and gain insights into the influence of your surroundings on your health.



IFTTT (If This Then That) lets you create applets that automate actions based on your preferences, syncing seamlessly with smart home devices like Google Home, Apple Home, and Amazon Alexa. This integration enhances the efficiency and convenience of managing your smart home.

Ultrahuman Home incorporates protocols that automate and integrate your environment with other smart devices, such as humidifiers, air purifiers, and thermostats, even remotely. It supports voice commands via Siri, Alexa, and Google, allowing you to adjust temperature, humidity, and air quality. For example, you can automate your room’s temperature to align with your circadian rhythm, enhancing sleep efficiency.

This is a game-changer for your health.

Additionally, Ultrahuman Home provides easy access to your home environment data directly from your home screen, eliminating the need to open an app. This streamlined connectivity and control extend across multiple smart devices, optimizing your home’s health and comfort.


UltrahumanX is an exclusive coverage and benefits membership program that helps you unlock the best prices and protect your Ultrahuman Home. They include:

Extended warranty and accidental damage protection: Get an extended year of warranty on your Ultrahuman Home. We cover any damages to your Home device with no questions asked.

Quick and free returns and replacements: Enjoy a hassle-free process for returning or replacing your home device to ensure uninterrupted access to your data.

Priority support: There isn’t a request too big or a question too small for our Care team. We are here to make it work for you.

Special, member-only pricing: Save at least 15% on every transaction for select Ultrahuman devices. Enjoy member-only pricing throughout the year.


We’ve raised a cumulative $65 million since our inception from reputed VC firms worldwide. This funding propels us towards making the future of health a reality, by seamlessly integrating various health data streams to promote preventative health and wellness. Our investors include Alpha Wave, Steadview Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Blume Ventures, Utsav Somani’s iSeed fund, and notable angel investors such as Scott Schleifer from Tiger Global.

Other influential leaders such as Deepinder Goyal (CEO of Zomato)Balaji Srinivasan (ex-Coinbase)Nithin Kamath (founder of Zerodha via Rainmatter)Preethi Kasireddy (ex-a16z)Groww founders (Harsh Jain, Lalit Keshre, Neeraj Singh, and Ishan Bansal)Harshil Mathur (Razorpay founder)Shashank Mehta (RazorpayX GM)Akshay BD (founding team Uber India), and Tanmay Bhat (celebrity content creator and investor).

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