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UBPet V10: 22000Pa 10X Ultra Suction Power Robot Vacuum

22,000Pa Powerful Suction丨Deep Carpet Cleaning丨LDS Navigation丨Effortless Hair Cleanup丨Low noise 丨APP Control
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Tired of battling with your current vacuum? Carpet frustrations, hair hassles, stubborn dust, a powerful yet noisy machine, and bulkiness in confined spaces can make cleaning a real headache. It’s time for a change! 

Meet UBPet V10, where suction is anything but weak, bulky is a thing of the past, and corners aren’t left in the dust. No more heavy lifting or struggling with stubborn pet hair — UBPet V10 is here to make cleaning a breeze. Say goodbye to underwhelming and hello to unmatched suction power!

Utilizing a cyclonic structure and a 100AW brushless high-speed fan, UBPet V10 boasts 22,000Pa suction — 10 times more potent than conventional models, rivaling Dyson’s cleaning prowess! Enjoy hands-free, effortless floor cleaning.

Experience the extraordinary durability of our advanced cleaning technology. Our vacuum starts strong and maintains its powerful suction throughout the cleaning process. Unlike traditional vacuums that often require frequent filter changes, our innovative design effectively separates air from dust, reducing the need for frequent filter replacements. 

This not only saves you money but is also environmentally friendly, as you’ll generate less waste. It’s a cost-effective, eco-conscious choice for a cleaner and healthier home!

In comparing suction power, both Dyson and UBPet demonstrate equally impressive cleaning efficacy, ensuring a high level of performance in removing dirt and debris from various surfaces.

Powerful suction effectively removes fine dust and pet hair from floors and carpets, making your home’s surfaces genuinely clean!

With its exceptional 22000Pa suction power, V10 effortlessly collects Coffee Grounds, Oats, Chocolate Chips, and Mixed Waste from a variety of surfaces, leaving no room for dirt or debris to escape its thorough cleaning, whether it’s hardwood floors or carpets.

Effortlessly navigating a variety of carpets, the UBPet V10 excels in cleaning on carpet heights under 0.7″. This robot vacuum ensures comprehensive and efficient cleaning with seamless mobility and adaptability to different carpet types, including short and medium-pile ones. 

Bid farewell to the constraints of conventional vacuums and welcome the versatility of the UBPet V10, crafted to handle diverse carpets with unmatched ease and precision.

UBPet V10 effortlessly navigates on short to medium-pile carpet, ensuring smooth movement and effective cleaning.

Carpet Pet Hair Pressure Test-Handles a massive amount of pet hair effortlessly, even on medium-pile carpets.

Traditional vacuum cleaners often struggle with pet hair, as it tends to tangle around their brushes and filters, resulting in reduced cleaning efficiency. In contrast, UBPet V10, with its smart brush speed and ultra-strong suction, ensures a tangle-free pet hair cleaning experience.

V10 seamlessly handles long hair on carpets, swiftly suctioning it in!

You no longer need to manually clean your vacuum, as pet hair and debris are effortlessly handled!

Featuring a noise-reduction airflow design, it minimizes high-frequency noise discomfort to human ears. In energy-saving mode, the noise level is only 58dB.


UBPet V10 Smartly navigates and plans cleaning paths with LiDAR technology, supporting multiple map storage and customizable zone cleaning.

V10’s line laser sensors provide precise obstacle avoidance, ensuring thorough cleaning along edges. It intelligently steers clear of household items such as trash bins, shoes, and floor debris, making your cleaning experience worry-free. 

Note: Low-lying objects like charging cables may require occasional clearing.

Built-in cliff sensors prevent the robot vacuum from falling off heights, ensuring safety during multi-floor cleaning sessions.

When comparing hands-free functionality, UBPet takes the lead with its intelligent features, such as automatic docking and remote control options.

The UBPet V10’s app allows users to customize home maps, enabling features such as zone cleaning, adding restricted areas, scheduling cleaning sessions, and providing more convenient remote control.

Unlike traditional vacuum robots with dimensions around 350mm(13.7 inches), V10 measures just 298mm(11.7 inches).

With a narrow body measuring less than 300mm (11.8 inches) in width, V10 in combination with its long bottom roller brush, can access and clean even the most hard-to-reach corners of your home with enhanced efficiency.

Experience superior efficiency with the V10’s compact design, effortlessly covering approximately 30% more space than traditional robotic vacuums. Its smaller body doesn’t compromise on performance, ensuring a higher level of cleaning efficiency.

Our external round dustbin is designed for easy one-handed removal and mess-free waste disposal. An intelligent ambient light surrounding the dustbin keeps you informed about its storage status without getting your hands dirty.

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