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THRiVE: Turn Food Waste into Ready-to-Use Compost Easily

2.5H Super Fast Processing Time | Multi Recyclable Waste Options | Intelligent Protections | Silent & Eco-Friendly | Easy to Use
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THRiVE is a smart waste recycling machine that transforms kitchen waste and food scraps into 100% organic ready-to-use compost for indoor or outdoor plants, gardens, and backyards. This revolutionary device has one-button simplicity, is super-fast, and silent. It’s the best way to eliminate kitchen mess and odors, reduce waste, and provide an eco-friendly solution for leftovers.

  • Food to Compost Fast!

THRiVE’s super-fast processing speed sets it apart from the competition and means you can avoid waste by quickly turning kitchen scraps into compost. It helps keep food out of the landfill for a more earth-friendly lifestyle and transforms nearly all food waste into dry, 100% organic ready-to-use compost in only 2.5 hours. THRiVE is also energy efficient – at only 0.5-0.7KW per use. Living a smarter life with peace of mind is now within reach.

  • Easy to Use as 1-2-3

Fill. Energize and compost! No more extra settings or complicated operations, plug it in and you’re ready to go. Directly place waste and scraps into the 2.5L stainless container, close the lid, press the button and get fast results! THRiVE works automatically and silently in the background, heating and grinding to transform food scraps into organic compost. It turns off after the cycle is complete and your flowers, plants, backyard vegetables and garden will thrive in an effortless way thanks to the nutrient-rich natural compost produced daily.

  • Dishwasher Safe

With THRiVE, you don’t need to clean up a big mess after using it. Simply put the stainless steel bucket in the dishwasher after the recycling process, clean it and you are done!

 THRiVE is capable of handling nearly all kitchen and food waste and reduces the volume up to 80% while cutting the weight by 90% or more. Vegetables, meats, bones, dairy products, you name it! Hygienic, odor-free and super easy to recycle and return organic matter to the earth with THRiVE – a smarter, money-saving solution.

Unlike traditional composting methods that can take weeks, THRiVE accelerates the breakdown of organic waste into optimal soil enrichment material for better plant growth without any bad-smelling odors. It works so you don’t have to, saving you time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and creating eco-friendly compost for your plant and garden.

THRiVE performs its magic without ever sacrificing on important safety issues. With unique comprehensive safety protections such as thermal protection, uncap power off protection, no-load protection and more, you can rest easy knowing that THRiVE is safe for you and your kitchen. Intelligent, energy-efficient, ultra-safe and silent.

Getting started with THRiVE means bad smells or odors are gone away! With a built-in deodorizing ventilation system, THRiVE eliminates all the moisture and unpleasant odor through the drying time. No more worries, just enjoy the peace of mind from knowing the food waste is turning into compost in an odorless way. 

THRiVE helps reduce food waste 133B lb/year, saving you tons of money and precious time with the 100% organic ready-to-use compost for your beloved indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, gardens, and backyards!

A good product never grows without a strong team. Thrive team gathered a group of people who are engineers, material scientists, industrial designers, marketing experts, and product manager who strictly controls the product quality. We had the honor to help more customers make the switch to more eco-friendly products.

We are on the mission to improve people’s daily life with innovative, eco-friendly products that are harmless to humans and the environment. Our R&D Team is in USA, and we cooperate with a professional factory in Asia to do mass production.

Our team has rigorously tested THRiVE to make sure it works brilliantly! Back us and embrace a smarter and more comfortable life from now on!

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