The Space Safe - The first real smart safe

The most technologically advanced safe created; WiFi, App, Cameras, LCD display, Guest Access, & more. oh & it doesn't look like a safe
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After over 18 months of design iterations and research of the market, we finally came up with the ultimate safe to protect your valuables 💍 ⌚️ 📱 💵. 

The Space Safe 2 is the most advanced smart safe. Connect to WiFi and monitor everything with the interior and exterior cameras 🤳🏻. Notifications via The Space App keep you a click away from your most precious valuables. The Space Safe features a sleek design, tempered glass door, and an enormous LCD touchscreen, rendering it totally discreet to thieves … and more…

Stop a thief and intruder in the moment! 🚧 🕴🏻 🕵🏻

Statistics about home breakins and why you need a – safe $3 Billion dollars a year!


10″ Touchscreen LCD Display with tempered glass

Lifestyle of The Space Safe 2 in the closet – Look how discreet and hidden – it doesn’t look like a safe! 

Exterior Outer Camera Feed

Inner Camera Video Feed App

Multiple Users – Up to 4

Temporary PIN for Guest Access

Accelerometer detects tampering and movement

 and will put your safe in lockdown mode.

Access your safe with the advanced Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

USB-C Power with Rechargeable Battery. If the power goes out, you will receive a notification.

Hide what matters most with the radio display

 Weighs approximately 40 LBS

What can you fit inside and how much space will it take?

Introducing Airbnb Mode for The Space Safe – Make it easy for your guests and for you..

We were very conscious of what we were designing. Unfortunately for the last few decades, we have been forced to accept the hideous products on the market, and we couldn’t stand for that. We wanted to create a product that was beautiful, clean, and practically invisible. 

We focused on what was important to the user, rather than what was important to the company. We created a quality product from the ground up that we are happy to call our own. Our hearts, minds and even weekends were poured into this new project.


Final Masterpiece:


Prototype Sample:

How we got here? The competition stinks and so do traditional safes.

The team consists of an experienced consumer expert with over 13 years developing products that people use in their everyday lives.  An experienced industrial engineer who worked over 4 years at one of the largest safe companies.  Our design and marketing guru has over 20 years of experience at the largest consumer brands you know. Our electrical engineer and coders have developed world class apps and products you see daily.

Stretch Goal

So what do I get? What comes in the box?

The funds generated through the Kickstarter campaign will help finance the pilot series production and pay for the rest of the code development.  By helping us, you will also be rewarded with the lowest price The Space Safe will ever be at. Be the first to get one and take advantage of our special limited launch offers. While you are reading this, we are adding the finishing touches to The Space Safe and plan to start the pilot series production this summer. We expect to be able to start shipping at the end of Summer 2021.

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