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The Complete Shelbru System - Cold Brew Coffee Made Easier

Store, Sift, Brew, and Serve. The best way to make cold brew concentrate at home
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Craft the finest cold brew concentrate with The Complete Shelbru System. Boasting unique functionality like no other, we meticulously designed the Canister, Sifter, Brewer, and Carafe to deliver the best home brewing experience.


Cold Brew System 2.0

This isn’t our first rodeo in the world of crowdfunding. We connected with thousands of backers through an Indiegogo campaign in 2021 and participated in multiple campaigns on Wadiz in 2022. In fact, our Wadiz backers ranked Shelbru as #6 in the 2022 Wadiz Awards. See how much our backers loved our Cold Brew System 1.0!

But of course, we got some constructive feedback as well – we spent the last year working on these improvements, and now we’re back with our Cold Brew System 2.0! Expect an improved filter and lid, a measurement mark on the jar, and upgraded steel ring design.

Shelbru Brewer 

This is no ordinary cold brew maker.

Say goodbye to the days of ready-to-drink brewers that leave you with only a few servings. The Shelbru Brewer prepares up to 12 servings of smooth, strong cold brew concentrate in one batch. You can enjoy the concentrate ICED or HOT.

Our stainless-steel dual filter is crafted with 600 woven mesh inner filter wrapped in a 500 µm outer filter. This combination ensures that no coffee grounds or microparticles escape into your brew. Fill up the filter with coffee grounds to the 3.5oz measurement mark – never reach for the scales to measure out your grounds again!

Using our Brewer is a breeze! Just add your favorite coffee grounds (3.5oz / 100g) into the filter and pour cold or room temperature water (24 fl. oz / 700ml) up to the MAX line on the glass. Store at room temperature or in the fridge for 12-24 hours. Once you’re done, simply rinse and repeat! No single-use paper filters needed.

Shelbru Carafe

The Carafe delivers a perfect pour every time thanks to our carefully designed spill-proof silicone spout! Transform your Brewer into the Carafe by simply replacing the dual filter and filter ring with the Carafe spout. Rinse the filter and use the other jar to get started on your next brew right away. With our interchangeable lid design, you’ll never run out of cold brew!

Our Carafe’s airtight seal lets you keep your cold brew concentrate fresh for up to TWO WEEKS! New to cold brew? We recommend starting with a 1:3 ratio of coffee to water or milk.

Let’s take a look at how our product reviewer, William, prepared his cold brew both iced and hot!

Coffee is meant to be shared with your loved ones! For our Kickstarter project, you will have the option of backing the Cold Brew System 2.0 in our exclusive, limited-quantity gift packaging, making it easy to share our incredible system with your family and friends

Our luxurious gift packaging is perfect for any coffee enthusiast and makes an excellent birthday, anniversary, or even Christmas gift (why not treat yourself as well?)

Bean Care System

Proper bean storage and uniform grind size are key to a great cup of coffee. That’s why we created the Smart Canister and Sifter. We have developed the perfect accessories to ensure fresher and more uniform grounds!

Shelbru Smart Canister

The Shelbru Smart Canister extends the life of your coffee beans so that they remain fresher for longer. Exposure to oxygen and humidity can seriously degrade your beans, removing its original vibrant flavors and leaving you with a flat and lifeless brew. With just a push of a button, the Smart Canister will vacuum all the air out and protect your beans from oxidation.

Once you push the button, the Smart Canister will begin the vacuuming process. When complete, it continues to regulate the internal pressure through a sensor, maintaining the most optimal conditions for your beans. To retrieve your beans, press the button again to release the vacuum.

It’s really that simple. No more twisting, pumping, or vacuum sealing – simply press a button and store!

Shelbru Sifter

Evenly sized ingredients make an evenly cooked dish – the same goes for coffee! Uneven grounds lead to over- or under-extraction, creating an unbalanced and disappointing cup of coffee.

Enter our Sifter! Select your desired filter size and get shaking. Our Sifter removes unwanted micro-particles, leading to beautifully uniform coffee grounds.

Depending on the type of coffee you are preparing, the size of your coffee grounds makes a difference. The finer or coarser the grind, the more or less quickly water can pass through, which has an effect on brew time as well as extraction efficiency. When using our Sifter, we recommend using the 800 µm filter plate for cold brew or French press and the 500 µm filter plate for pour over and other brewing methods.

Why Cold Brew?

So by now, you may be thinking, “Should I be drinking cold brew coffee too?” Well, if The Complete Shelbru System hasn’t convinced you yet, let’s take a look at some of the differences when it comes to brewing coffee with both hot and cold extraction methods.

Our Design Philosophy 

All of our products follow the same philosophy: to deliver a functional product with a foolproof interface, all while maintaining a sleek and modern design. We have put in endless research to discover what coffee lovers want, and have spent years experimenting with different types of coffee makers and accessories.

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