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SYRO-Bricks: Smart 3D Customizable Hexagon Light Panels

A set of customizable App-controlled hexagonal light bricks for home decor. 16 PCS + | RGB | MUSIC REACTIVE | 3-DIMENSION
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Meet SYRO-Bricks

SYRO-Bricks from LinkedSparx is a set of hexagonal light panels that can be installed into various shapes for a colorful lighting display on desktop or wall.

After an easy pairing setup with the mobile App, you can get full access to control the lights with playful features such as playing dynamic preset effects, customizing colors and motions, activating music modes, etc.

Decorate Your Space  However You Want


office desktop display


gaming room setup


entertainment space decor


kidsroom night lamp
Create Unique Layout
More pieces, more fun

Get creative with SYRO-Bricks. Each starter kit comes with 16 pieces of light panels. Transform your idea into unique layouts such as a cute puppy, a tower, a ball, and lots more possibilities. Your creativity is encouraged.

Display on Desktop / Wall

Connect your shape to stands or attach them onto the wall with mounting tapes. Light up your imagination and decorate your space however you want.

2D > 3D Dyson Sphere

We are the first to turn 2D hexagon lights connection into innovative 3D shapes. To achieve this, we have specifically designed bendable FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) connectors and angled fixtures.

The Dyson Sphere kit comes with 20 light panels and the required accessories. You may also use 8 pieces to make a ring. Just use your imagination to unlock more possibilities.

Extendable to 300 Panels


140 pieces

*Theoretically speaking, a single controller can carry up to 300 pieces in a single line, with extra power input to the light panel’s Type-C docking.

More pieces, more fun
Personalize RGB Scenes


customize colors


select & play effects


adjust brightness & speed

Select & play from effect gallery, or choose from 16 million colors to customize your color scenes based on 8 patterns. Set the right vibe for your mood.

Lights Dance to Music


activate music modes

Built-in sound sensor lets you play your favorite music and see the lights dance vibrantly to the beat. Multiple customizable music modes for your choice. Turn your home lighting into a music light show.

Intuitive & Powerful App
3 Ways of Control
Great Gift Idea

SYRO-Bricks not only satisfies the DIY fun for gamers, but also for everyone. This is an excellent gift with trustworthy quality for all to decorate the bedroom, living room, gaming & streaming room, and so on.

 Educational Gift for Kids&Teens

This could also turn into a smart educational gift that introduces kids and teens (age 12+) to the basics of coding — from sequencing, debuggingto programming and beyond!

  • To ensure the functionality of SYRO-Bricks, the connection between bricks follows a strict directional sequence.  Meaning the power and signal incoming source needs to be transmitted into the input port of each brick, and repeatedly to bricks of next-tier.
  • If one brick is misplaced (wrong direction), it would not light up, kids can go back and check, which would be a good hands-on activity for logic practice and problem-solving while nurturing creativity.
  • One brick can output signal to 5 branches. Children can count the number of bricks connected on the longest branch and configure it on the App. Then time to get their hands on light scene programming.
Design Highlights
1 LED in each panel



With 1 LED in each panel, you can easily count the number of lights connected and then configure it on the App.


1 LED per module also helps reduce power consumption.  Assuming that the same LED  is used to display white light, our product 1-LED design will save 83% / 92% / 95% power consumption than 6 / 13 / 19 LEDs put in per panel.

  • Based on the power consumption of white light set at the same brightness in 19-LED panels, our product can support about 19 modules theoretically speaking.
  • In order to carry a larger quantity of LEDs, many brands are likely to limit the brightness of their LED products to 40% ~ 80%, which might cause a loss in the visual effect accordingly.

With SYRO-Bricks, a 5V/2A USB charger (which can be found easily in a household) can carry 100 pieces effortlessly, letting users experience a greater amount of panels easily.


Most hexagonal lights from other brands are easy to collapse when there are more than 8 panels connected on the desktop. After several testing and improvements, the fastening fixtures we developed are able to achieve a seamless edge-to-edge structure and help prevent your shapes from bending or breaking when piled up high. You can now hold 8 connected SYRO-Bricks horizontally without falling apart.

SYRO-Bricks can support 16 modules or even more on the desktop.

Easy to assemble: align and use connect to plug into the input port of next panel

Easy to disassemble: unfasten with a pry bar


Every SYRO-Bricks kit comes with 2 stands (or more) which enable users to display their creation steadily on a flat surface, or separate panels into 2 individual groups to play synchronized light effects.

Type-C Compatibility
  • We are using Type-C connectors to transmit power and signal from controller to each light panel, since it has no limits on direction or sides when connect. And we believe Type-C represents the future of power and data delivery.
  • We wish to expand the SYRO-Bricks family by adding more products to this series. In the stage of product definition, we have put this idea into thorough consideration. So SYRO-Bricks will be compatible with other products that share the same protocol via Type-C connectors.
Controller with 3 outputs

When designing the controller, we especially keep 3 output ports so that users can control multiple sets at the same time more free.

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