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SwitchBot S10. A 100% automated floor cleaning robot.

World's 1st Plumbing Connected Water Refill Station | Auto-empty Station | 5 Mins Setup | 6500Pa Vacuum | Self-cleaning and Drying Mop
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S10 includes a stand-alone Water Station that has two pipes: one connected to fresh clean water, and the other connected to your sewage drain system. After connecting to your water pipes, just like a washing machine, you’ll be able to automatically supply and drain water!
Need to mop the floor but S10 doesn’t have enough water? All it needs to do is take a quick visit to the Water Station to refill.
And if you add cleaning solution to your Water Station, when refilling water you can also add cleaning fluid to S10, all automatically.* Helping to make your floor even cleaner.**
*Cleaning solution volume area located inside Water Station is 150ml, one full tank can be used for up to 90 days.
**Please note that if you use cleaning solution in your Water Station, then you will no longer be able to use the auto-refill function for SwitchBot Humidifier. For more details, please refer to our FAQ.
So what happens once you’ve finished cleaning? S10 will automatically take all that yucky, mucky water and dispense it through the drainage system built into its Water Station, preventing bad smells from stagnant water.
Which means “bye-bye” to bad-smelling dirty water tanks and stations, and a “double bye-bye” to cleaning them too. Did you think we were joking when we said this is truly hands-free?
Getting started sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Installing S10 is even easier than setting up your home washing machine. Anyone can install S10 at home, and takes on average just 5 minutes to get going. With such a simple setup you’ll be up and running in no time!
Wondering if S10 is suitable for your home, well, as long as you have a dishwasher or washing machine at home, then there’s nothing to worry about. S10 is 100% for you!
The Water Station provided is able to share the water supply of your dishwasher or washing machine through the three-way accessories we provide. Even if you don’t have a dishwasher or washing machine at home, you can still use the special water pipes we provide to connect to your home’s plumbing system (like a half-bath or kitchen island).

Even if there is no way to use any of the above methods, we will also provide an optional water tank solution, which means you have no need to connect to your plumbing system and can choose to change the water by yourself.  Users who purchase via Kickstarter will automatically receive this water tank upon making a pledge!

We mentioned our Water Station is compact, so just how compact is it? Well, it measures in at a length and height of just 100mm by 400mm. So even when adding our Auto-empty Station, it’s still much smaller than “All-in-1 Robot Vacuums”.

What’s more, the Water Station is powered by the robot, so it does not require a power cable! Therefore, it can be placed anywhere with a water supply. With S10 only visiting it when water is needed.

S10 adopts professional-level cleaning, and is equipped with an anti-tangle rubber brush and high suction power to vacuum with a self-cleaning Roller Mop for mopping. Think of it as your automated housekeeper ensuring unparalleled cleanliness. In essence, within just five uses, it covers the cost you’d incur hiring a $200 housekeeper!
And it gives you more time to enjoy doing other things, such as baking cakes, saving the world…. or maybe even both.
S10 adopts a built-in self-cleaning Roller Mop and separate clean and dirty water tank.
During the mopping process, by spraying our Roller Mop with clean water and removing wastewater in real time, the mop can be cleaned and wiped 300 times per minute. S10 is constantly washing your floor with clean water and clean mop, allowing it to clean better. Effectively preventing dirt from spreading around the house.
Also, because our Roller Mop self-cleans in real time, dirt doesn’t stick to the mop and the mop is cleaner after washing.
After mopping is completed, S10 will return to its Water Station for a deep self-clean. During this, the water outlet speed will increase 10x and Roller Mop speed will increase by 30%, ensuring that the mop remains in its optimal state at all times.
SwitchBot S10 features a strong suction force of up to 6500Pa, paired with a fully rubber brush that prevents hair entanglement, ensuring even greater cleaning. From hardwood to ceramic tiles, and even carpets and rugs; hair, dust, and dirt on the ground can be completely swept away.

The bottom of S10 is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, and as such, during the mopping process, when it detects carpet, it will lift its Roller Mop by 7mm back inside. Then S10 will stop spraying water and continue to rotate the Roller Mop to dry any wet stains. This avoids making carpet dirty during the cleaning process.

Floor mopping reduces water stains.
Our Roller Mop won’t damage flooring, and it also effectively reduces water stains after mopping, making it an ideal choice for cleaning wooden floors.
No damage done.
When cleaning, our Roller Mop can effectively prevent small stones and other objects getting stuck on to it, helping protect floors from scratches and other damage.
Who wants a roller mop full of bacteria and odors? Ew, gross. No thanks. We’ve installed a drying system at the bottom of our Auto Empty Station to automatically dry your S10 roller mop when it’s finished cleaning.
Have pets at home? Pet hair can be quite a bummer. Especially when there’s pet hair flying all over the house. So what about when vacuuming it up?
Unlike traditional s-type air channels, S10 not only features a bigger air channel, the dustbin and air channel itself are also aligned together, allowing hair and dust to be drawn into the dust bag in a straight line, preventing hair blockage, and better collecting dust.
Equipped with a 4L dust bag, our Auto-empty Station helps automatically empty dust and dirt after each clean. Only needing to be replaced once every 70 days for stress-free cleaning.
This might just blow your mind. Thanks to the world’s first auto refill and drain system, S10 can also deliver clean water to SwitchBot Humidifier, all automatically.
Please note that if you use cleaning solution in your Water Station, then you will no longer be able to use the auto-refill function for SwitchBot Humidifier. For more details, please refer to our FAQ.

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