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Sleep Peacefully with Stream-The Snore-Stopping Smart Pillow

Privacy Protection | Real-time Snore Stoppage | Breathing Guidance | Massage | Sleep Analysis | Unobtrusive Sensing | Gentle-Wake Alarm
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Hello, here is Stream: A Snore-Stopping Smart Pillow.

Stream’s advanced internal sensors track snoring, breathing rate, heart rate, and movement without any sound recording. Stream’s smart algorithm then uses subtle vibrations to gently stop snoring, guide relaxed breathing, massage away tension, and provide a personalized sleep report. The discreet alarm even wakes you without disturbing your partner.

With real-time feedback and customizable comforts, Stream revolutionizes sleep by silencing snores, optimizing respiration, alleviating insomnia, analyzing sleep patterns, and waking you refreshed – all completely non-disruptive so you can sleep naturally your way through App.

Stream pillow intervenes in real-time to cut off snoring before it steals your sleep. Intelligent on-board processing analyzes snoring patterns and immediately adjusts intervention strength as needed. Micro-vibrations stimulate key muscles to gently clear airway obstruction. This instant feedback loop means snores are stopped the moment they start, preventing disruption to your or your partner’s rest.

Stream coaches you into slower, deeper breathing for faster sleep onset. The smart sensor tracks your respiration rate and uses subtle vibrations to guide you to follow its tranquil breathing pace. As your breathing rate lowers in sync with Stream, your body naturally relaxes into sleep. No more counting sheep – just let Stream’s breathing guidance mellow you into slumber.

Stream’s patented flex sensors use vibrations, not sound, to detect snoring. This means your privacy is completely protected and others’ snoring won’t affect your peaceful sleep. The internal piezoelectric sensors pick up on your unique snore vibrations without recording any audio. You can sleep easy knowing Stream is sensing snores, not spying on sounds.

Ease insomnia and anxiety before bed with Stream’s wave and knocking massage modes. Select your preferred intensity from 3 adjustable levels to find the perfect pressure. The soothing sensations work out tension and clear your mind for sounder sleep. Come bedtime, a few minutes of massage is proven to help you de-stress and unwind. Stream ensures you’re calm and comforted heading into dreamland.

Stream monitors your sleep vitals in real time, tracking metrics like snoring events, breathing rate, heart rate fluctuations, and restlessness. Stream’s intelligent algorithm crunches this data to generate your personalized sleep report. Get unprecedented insight into sleep stages, cycles, interruptions, and overall quality. The comprehensive reports guide adjustments for optimal rest, such as ideal bedtime, temperature, breathing exercises, and more.

Stream’s advanced sensors track your sleep biometrics completely unobtrusively. There are no masks or cumbersome attachments. Stream simply rests under your head and does its job without interference or discomfort. You’ll sleep perfectly natural as the discreet sensors work in the background, never disrupting your rest.

Stream’s smart alarm utilizes gentle vibrations to wake you at your set time without abruptly disturbing your partner’s sleep. The alarm intensity escalates from soothing buzz to insistent vibration if needed until you get up. This localized alarm keeps the peace in bed by only waking the intended sleeper. Plus, there’s no blaring alarm clock noise to jar you awake in a panic. Instead, Stream’s intelligent alarm eases you into your day.

Crafted with precision, Stream is designed to provide you with the utmost comfort while maintaining its resilience. The innovative construction ensures that it remains soft and plush, yet incredibly sturdy, offering the ideal balance for a restful night’s sleep. 

At the same time, the advanced breathable materials allow for optimal airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Don’t spend another restless night – let Stream’s innovative sensing and intervention help you sleep, breathe, relax, restore and awake your very best.

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