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REVOXEN: 17-in-1 Standing Desk With Dock & SSD Enclosure

2.39 to 3.87 Feet Adjustable Height | Integrated 17-in-1 Docking | 3 Monitors Output | SSD Enclosure up to 8TB | Wireless Charging
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REVOXEN Desk is a breakthrough standing desk with an integrated Docking and 1x SSD slot that supports up to 8TB. There are 3 customizable height options ranging anywhere from 2.39 to 3.87 feet which fits all of your desired preferences and postures. With integrated docking, you can now easily connect your computer, 3x monitors, 1x SD Card, 1x Mirco SD Card, 1x Aux Port, 3x USB-A port, and 3x USB-C Port to the desk. REVOXEN Desk truly becomes your multi-purpose desk which can immensely improve your workflow and lifestyle balance.

REVOXEN has the commonly used ports built into its design. There are two HDMI ports, an Ethernet port, a PD 100W port, and a DP port. It also supports the transfer of data with an SD card, USB Drive and SSD. It can be the perfect working station for anyone.

Since we have 2 HDMI ports and 1 DP port on the desk. You can have 3 monitors output at the same time. DP ports can support 8K output and HDMI ports support to 4K output. You can extend to 3 monitors to make your work easy with just one connection.

It is very common that the storage is not enough in the computer nowadays. It is very expensive when you expand the storage for your Macbook in Apple Store. You can insert a SSD in the table and then your computer can access the data in the SSD quickly. We can support up to 8TB SSD with different sizes of M.2 NVMe including 2242, 2260 and 2280.

With most computer tables, you either have the cables hanging out, or shove everything into the hole behind. You can either get them organized or conveniently placed, but not both at once. With REVOXEN, you can have the cake and eat it too. Our integrated cables are ready for you to plug in from both sides. As the cables are contained inside special flexible guards, they will never tangle even with the table moving up and down.

We designed the ports on the front side of the desk so that you don’t need to plug in the cable or SD cards to the ports behind the computer. It is more convenient for you to plug in and plug out.

You can just plug the Lan cable into this port and you can enjoy the fast surfing speed in the computer. You can enjoy the full speed of download and upload speed. There will not be any delay in playing computer games also.

We support PD 100W Charging so that you can fully charge your computer in an hour.

To power your wireless devices, we have already installed a PD-compatible wireless charger into the desk surface. Just place your device on its surface, and it will be recharged right away. The charger is leveled to the table top, so you can make full use of its surface when it is not in use.

REVOXEN is designed for everyone in both sitting and standing positions. We understand most adjustable tables cannot fit people taller or shorter than average, which is why REVOXEN has a great elevation range from 2.39-3.87feet. With just one button, REVOXEN can extend more than double its height to fit everyone.  As the railing and motor sets are assembled using top-quality parts and tested carefully before shipping, you can expect it to go up and down making less than 45dB of noise. The railing is smooth enough that it won’t spill your mug even if it is full. There are three different customizable options, so you can easily switch between them whenever you feel like it with a click of a button.

For ease of shipping, REVOXEN is shipped in parts and requires some assembly after delivery. To make sure you will be able to enjoy it soon, we have assembled and adjusted every table first before packing. This might not seem much but will guarantee that you can put it together in minutes without requiring extra tools.

Most powered tables lack a drawer. Those that do usually have them as a pricey add-on, often poorly integrated into the rest of the table. With REVOXEN, a useful and sturdy drawer is already incorporated into the design from the start. It won’t get in the way of the elevator or your legs.

REVOXEN is truly your all-purpose standing desk, besides the incredible height adjustment with the different available ports and storage space REVOXEN can also function as a work surface, arts and crafts, gaming desk, space for your house plants, or even become your unboxing desk. The options are endless with REVOXEN.

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