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Petvation- The Smart Automatic Pet Door Powered with AI

Combined with advanced facial recognition tech and app, Petvation provides a brand new access experience for your furry friends.
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AI-powered cameras and smart sensors detect when your pet approaches the door and when they wish to enter or exit. Allowing you to control when your pet comes and goes from a distance. And denying raccoons and other unwanted guests entry to your home!

Giving your pets the freedom to come and go as they please is a challenge. You want them to enjoy their freedom, and be safe. But simple flaps and doors notoriously stress cats out, are prone to being broken by dogs, or letting dangerous and unwelcome strangers in.

Mechanical pet doors attempted to solve this by using smart collars to let your pets in and out. But now your cat is forced to wear a bulky battery-powered collar. And your dog’s curiosity will probably end up looking something like this:

Just like Face ID on your smartphone, Petvation uses machine learning to perform facial recognition and only opens when it sees a familiar face. Petvation intelligently detects visitors, and can identify your cats and dogs, giving you the ability to control when your furry friends leave and enter the home.

It can also recognize the most common unwanted guests — raccoon, wolf/coyote, bear, deer, squirrel, rabbit, duck, boar, skunk, fox, rats, boar, snake, chicken, and more — and deny them entry to your home.

Installing a smart pet door shouldn’t require you giving up your privacy. That’s why Petvation is armed with one of the most powerful, cutting-edge AI chips, that allows it to run complex facial recognition algorithms fully offline.

All images are stored and processed within the physical device itself, without any need to connect it to the internet, or upload any data without your consent.


Two sets of high-resolution infrared cameras are built into the slim door frame, with 120-degree wide-angle lenses on each side, providing you with the best visual range for monitoring and detecting.

Your pet doesn’t have to face the camera directly in broad daylight for the device to detect them, while raccoons or other unwelcome animals hiding around will also be detected and you will be alerted in time.

Both cameras are equipped with invisible fill-in night vision lights, working day and night, rain or shine, to take care of your pets. Say goodbye to foggy glares and say hello to uninterrupted monitoring.

Getting a pet door shouldn’t require you to compromise your home’s safety — yet most are a necessary weak point in a home’s exterior.

Petvation’s specially designed motor and mechanical controls ensure that the door latch will always remain securely locked when not in use. When you choose to open it, or if it’s within a time period you’ve decided your pet can leave the home, Petvation unlocks and opens to let your furry friend out, locking securely once they’ve safely left.

Pet doors shouldn’t pose a danger to your pet.

Petvation uses 3 independent safety mechanisms that work in sync to keep your pet safe from head to tail! Its fast-acting sensors detect as your furry friend approaches and passes through the door. The anti-pinch mechanism ensures your pet’s paws or tail are never in danger of being caught. And the self-diagnosis system continuously improves based on your pet’s habits.

The first line of defense is motion detection. When a pet passes through the door, the system continuously tracks it, closing only when your pet has cleared the space.

The second line of defense is the anti-pinch sensor. Petvation uses a 3D structured light scanner to shine a fine line onto the edge of the door slit, and trigonometry to precisely measure the distance from the sensor to the object. No tails are harmed when your pets come and go — or decide to stay put half-way.

The average accuracy is about 0.02 inches and is capable of detecting an object as small as 0.2 inches in real-time — much more accurately and faster than newer iPhone LiDAR scanners. Even better, its accuracy is not affected by the color, material, or light of the object it’s observing, meaning all pets are accounted for no matter the time of day, weather conditions, or if they decide to rest their tail within the doorway.

The third line of defense is the self-diagnosis function. Every time the door opens and closes, the device will cross-check the status of all onboard sensors, ensuring they agree with each other.

If for whatever reason the sensors don’t agree with one another, or there is any other abnormal feedback, your Petvation will enter a downgraded safe mode. You’ll receive notifications on the situation, and the door will remain in its current state. This safety mechanism guarantees your pet will never be in any danger, and ensures a longer life for the device.

It wouldn’t be a very ‘smart’ device if you couldn’t change the rules! 

Take full control of Petvation via the easy-to-use mobile app. You decide at what time and on what days your pets are allowed in and out, and eventually, which specific pets have access! You can also track your pet’s door activity, so you know exactly when they’re in the house and exactly when they left.
And of course, you can open and close the door with one tap, from anywhere in the world.

People hate noise at night, and cat’s are notorious for being night-time explorers, banging through cat flaps in order to keep your territory ‘safe’!

Petvation ensures you have a quiet whole-night sleep. The ultra-quiet motor and aluminum-alloy body produce only 40-45dB of sound. That’s less than the ambient sound of an urban neighborhood, and about the same as an air conditioner… sleep well!


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