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obode P8: Intelligent All-In-1 Self-cleaning & Mopping Robot

Proficient Sweeping & Mopping Cleaning Solution in Liberating Hands.
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Obode P8 collaborates with the National Gallery of the United Kingdom, with only 30 limited co-branded pieces, giving out three famous paintings as the material of the sticker designed by the famous Finnish designer Janine Rewell.



 Featuring pioneering automated technology, obode P8 is capable of completely liberating your hands from the messy task of cleaning. You don’t even need to lift a finger, after mopping each *215ft² area, P8 automatically returns to the self-cleaning base to hygienically self-clean with a customized detergent, washing the mop with fresh water, ensuring P8 always cleans your floor with an immaculate mop.


Sweeping and mopping, have never been easier. Four cleaning modes in one , exceed your expectations.


Auto-lifting technology elevates the main brush up to *7mm while mopping to prevent picking up liquid and to avoid dirtying previously cleaned areas.


New advanced ToF Lidar Navigation, featuring LDS laser empowers P8 to quickly capture and recognize its surroundings and create a map with accuracy and precision.


With *30+ sets of sensors, not only can P8 create a precise map of your home but it also learns where obstacles are, for ultimate protection of your fragile and beautiful furniture. Navigation accuracy is not impacted by external light brightness. It’s faster, cleaner, and safer!


Featuring a*220ml automatic water replenishment tank, P8 automatically refills water to ensure the mop is constantly at the optimal moisture level to capture stains or dust left on the floor. Unlike typical mopping robots, P8 is truly self-sufficient.


Also, you don’t have to worry about your delicate carpet getting wet during the wet mopping mode. P8 is capable of automatically avoiding them, it’s the most intelligent cleaning robot you can get!


With an innovative and effective hot-drying mop design, P8 automatically dries the mop with hot air when cleaning cycles are complete. This prevents mold growth and makes smelly mops a thing of the past.


Powering with ToF Lidar Navigation, mapping is easily achieved via mobile App. As your trustworthy and reliable cleaning assistant, P8 stored up to *3 complete home floor plans in its memory.


P8 utilizes a dual tank system for clean and dirty water, one *4.7L water tank to spray clean water, and one *4.6L water to collect wastewater. When it is time to replenish clean water or empty wastewater, P8 will intelligently remind you for added convenience.


Equipped with a built-in *6200mAh high-capacity battery, adapting to the standard cleaning mode, P8 has enough power to extend its cleaning range up to *250 m² with ease. No need for frequent recharges, P8 is here to provide a long-lasting cleaning service on just a single charge!


Draw the route on the app, now you are the boss. Oh right, and if you’re feeling creative, you can customize cleaning zones, even write your name or draw a picture on the virtual floor.


You can also schedule cleaning times and routes, set spot cleaning, do not disturb mode and No-Go zones on your phone anytime! obode P8 makes everything easier!


P8 is capable of designing an optimal and efficient cleaning route, starting from the self-cleaning base and cleaning from near to far. No more senseless base-returning and secondary contamination, obode P8 is a perfect one-pass cleaning solution to keep your floor neat and clean.



Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, conveniently control your P8 with voice commands. Just say the words, obode is ready to work!


Every obode P8 comes with a one-year warranty starting on the date of delivery. By purchasing obode Care Program for $100 (as an add-on), you can extend your coverage for 1 year along with a trade-in benefit. (North America and Europe only, other regions coming soon)





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