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Neomow X: The Ultimate LiDAR SLAM Robot Lawn Mower

LiDAR SLAM Navigation | No Perimeter Wire | Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance | Multi-zone Management | Intelligent Path Planning
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The Neomow X operates seamlessly without the need for perimeter wires. You can operate it using the app to build virtual boundaries, no-go zones, and pathways quickly. An advanced LiDAR SLAM navigation system ensures precise positioning and boundary adherence, simplifying your lawn care routine.


The Neomow X incorporates cutting-edge LiDAR SLAM navigation, creating precise 3D maps for accurate lawn navigation. Unlike RTK technology with unstable signals or vision-based mowers with reduced adaptability, the Neomow X excels in all lawn conditions, delivering superior performance.

Neomow X minimizes the impact of environmental factors commonly encountered during residential lawn work. Whether in diverse geographic areas or with challenging conditions such as dense shade or confined spaces under house eaves, Neomow X’s versatility enables it to address various usage scenarios effectively and without limitations, all while maintaining stable and seamless performance.


When conducting lawn mowing operations near corners, shrubs, and eaves, fluctuations in the base station signal may occur, resulting in reduced coverage and missed cuts in these areas. However, now Neomow X ensures comprehensive coverage of every inch of the lawn, including all corners, minimizing the need for users to invest additional time and cost in secondary maintenance.

Neomow X handles challenging lawn conditions, remaining unaffected by light or signal interference. Its exceptional precision ensures a neat and beautiful lawn, regardless of any circumstances or obstacles.

Ensure the safety of your Neomow X by installing its charging station indoors, such as in your garage. This unique feature distinguishes it from other robotic mowers requiring outdoor installation. How?


Neomow X uses a high-precision, 360° LiDAR module to detect and locate obstacles in all directions and plans an avoidance path accordingly.


Our built-in vision sensors enable real-time monitoring of the surroundings. When Neomow X detects small animals such as hedgehogs, cats, and dogs, it can safely maneuver around them.


Equipped with a wide-angle(144°) front bumper in the forward direction to provide additional physical protection.


Conquer any terrain with an advanced front-wheel drive (FWD) system. Neomow X is designed for superior traction, maneuverability, handle slopes, rough patches, and uneven terrain. The durable, puncture-resistant tires feature a non-slip tread pattern, allowing Neomow X to navigate gravel roads and potholes. Let it handle even the most complex landscapes with ease.


Neomow X excels at tackling hilly terrains with its remarkable 24° (45%)climbing capability. Your lawn will always be impeccably maintained, regardless of the steepness.


The brushless motor offers extended operation without overheating. It requires minimal maintenance while delivering increased power and torque, enabling the device to tackle thicker grass and tougher terrain.


Utilizing the user-friendly HOOKII app, customize the cutting height to match your desired grass length. The electrically adjustable blade disc allows for a height range of 30mm to 85mm (1.18-3.35 inc.), allowing you to adapt to different cutting preferences and varying lawn conditions.


The floating blade disc effortlessly handles various terrains and ensures a uniform cutting height. With dynamic height adjustments, it guarantees a superior mowing experience.


Featuring an exclusive patented design, embedded blades, and a hollowed-out cutting disk, it prevents grass clippings from jamming the cutting disk.

Gain complete control over your lawn care with the Neomow X app. Designed for ultimate convenience and customization, the app empowers you to manage and optimize your mowing experience effortlessly.


Set and schedule mowing tasks easily, enabling Neomow X to maintain your lawn regularly and autonomously. Customize mowing parameters and settings to match your preferences and the condition of your lawn. With multi-zone management, you can define and manage different areas of your yard with unique mowing settings, ensuring tailored care for each area.

Experience ultimate customization with Neomow X’s intelligent Multi-zone Management. Define and customize different zones within your yard, each with its own mowing parameters, and set no-go zones and safe pathways for security purposes. This advanced feature ensures that your lawn’s varying needs, including mowing schedules and heights, are met with precision and efficiency.


Benefit from Neomow X’s advanced mowing algorithm, which optimizes mowing patterns for comprehensive coverage and a consistently perfect cut. Enjoy a flawless lawn without manual touch-ups, saving you valuable time.


Neomow X’s parallel mowing algorithm surpasses the random mowing route commonly used by traditional mowers, resulting in significantly improved mowing results. But that’s not all – Neomow X takes it a step further by intelligently incorporating lawn features to plan efficient coverage paths. This advanced capability ensures unparalleled efficiency in maintaining your lawn.

Neomow X offers a variety of thoughtful mowing modes to choose from (Mode 1: Daily mowing mode; Mode 2: Crossing mowing mode; Mode 3: Custom mode; Mode 4: Open up wasteland). Through the app, you can adjust the mowing angle for each task, ensuring the health and perfect manicuring of your lawn.

Never worry about running out of power with Neomow X’s self-charging capabilities. Equipped with intelligent automatic recharging, Neomow X can independently return to its charging station when the battery is low. 



Experience uninterrupted mowing with Neomow X’s Continuous Mowing feature. After automatically recharging, Neomow X seamlessly resumes mowing where it last left off, ensuring a consistently well-maintained lawn.

Connectivity options: The Neomow X provides you with multiple connectivity options, including 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This versatile network allows for convenient remote control, configuration, and monitoring, regardless of your location or the Neomow X’s whereabouts. Enjoy seamless connectivity with the Neomow X!

The Neomow X is designed to be intelligent and independent. Once you have set up its schedule, it can autonomously carry out its mowing tasks, eliminating the need for a constant 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

Note: When you purchase Neomow X, you’ll receive one year of free 4G coverage. Opting for Neomow X Pro grants you two years of free 4G coverage.  The 4G coverage card is billed from the date of activation.  For continued usage beyond the free period, you can conveniently top up at an annual rate of $49/year,  No need to replace the 4G coverage card—simply perform the top-up.


It operates at a whisper-quiet noise level of less than 60dB, ensuring a peaceful environment while it maintains your lawn.

Neomow X, with its IPX5-grade waterproof rating, mows your lawn in any weather condition, be it water splashes or light rain.

Neomow X boasts a comprehensive triple-layered anti-theft assurance:

 App Notification: Users will receive App notifications if the device ventures beyond the designated mowing zones.

 GPS Tracking: The mower’s whereabouts are closely monitored through GPS technology.

– Ownership Authentication: The individual activating the device initially becomes its rightful owner. Owners have the option to grant access to their family members. Unauthorized users cannot operate or utilize the machine.


Its rain-sensing feature detects inclement weather and automatically adjusts its mowing schedule, and will automatically recharge itself, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

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