NECKAIR: Portable Neck Muscle Massager and Warmer

10 adjustable massage levels | Far infrared warmer | Pack down small | Top-grade medical silicone | Foolproof remote control
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NECKAIR is an ultra compact, foldable and powerful neck warmer and massager that instantly relieves neck pain and stiffness and effectively improves neck muscle comfort. Neck pain is a prevalent burden affecting 30% to 50% of adults in the general population in any given year. 

The neck problems can be so insidious that could develop into a life-long chronic if not taken seriously which greatly impacts life quality and work efficiency. 

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) delivers pulses to the neck muscles that travel the same pathway as the pain to the brain to block it out, acting as a great alternative to pain relievers.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) contracts the neck muscles to build muscle strength for recovery. NECKAIR combines two functions to give a refreshing massage around your neck like your personal masseuse. 

The stimulation intensity is adjustable on a scale from 1 to 10, providing the perfect amount of relief to various neck problems, or to different people in your family. 

NECKAIR incorporates far infrared warmers in the electrodes to provide heat (42~45°C or 108~113°F) to your neck by promoting blood flow and circulation. It relieves soreness, stiffness, tension and fatigue in your neck or even a headache.

The built-in magnets in NECKAIR increase microcirculatory blood flow, oxygenation & the removal of accumulated pain-producing wastes to alleviate neck spasms, pain and promote wellness. 

NECKAIR is very easy to use. Simply wear it around your neck and make sure the contact between the electrodes and the back of your neck are well made, hit the power-on button and you can feel it working and your neck more comfortable after only a few minutes.

Dial up/down the stimulation intensity or turn on/off the heating by pressing the buttons on the remote control. It is programmed to shut down automatically after 15min of serving for an optimal effect.

NECKAIR features flexible material which makes it pack down small for easy storage in your pocket, bag, drawer, glove box and suitcase, so you can give yourself a soothing and relaxing neck massage wherever you are, whether at home, work, school or on a flight or the road. 

NECKAIR is made of top-grade medical silicone which has a smooth texture and silky touch, very cozy and safe to wear around your neck, and it is anti-smudge which will remain clean after extensive use.

*Nano self-adhesive conductive fiber itself is not replaceable, so unlike other similar products, the top part of NeckAir’s massaging heads, the massaging sheets, can be easily replaced after about 3 to 6 months’ of use (vary based on usage frequency). There is an extra set of replaceable massaging sheets included in the package, so one NeckAir should be enough to use for at least half to one year. 

The product is sleek and curved to accent elegance. The mix of ergonomics and streamlined appearance improves comfort and reduces pressure on the neck.

People’s physical health is confronted with more and more challenges and concerns under the growing life pace and work pressure. People’s cervical discomfort increases due to the extensive use of mobile devices. COFO is committed to the development, manufacture and marketing of this product aimed to solve this problem for people through technology, innovation and design. COFO neck massager works by combining EMS and TENS to simulate nerve stimulation to conduct the movement of neck muscles. We have innovatively developed a fiber gel conductive membrane, which is installed at the position of the two massage heads of the product to reduce the tingling sensation and to effectively improve comfort during use, and can be easily replaced by users. 

Graphene sheets are integrated in the massage heads which emit infrared and heat at a constant temperature of 42°C to boost blood flow and enhance metabolism. The appearance of the product is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit the curvature of the neck. It is extremely compact and light (only 100g) for a minimal wearing load and maximum comfort. The product is composed of three parts connected by flexible medical-grade silicone which can be folded and packed into a gift bag to carry around with great ease. The remote control is attached to the bag to remain safe. 

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